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A summery lamb feast... sides needed!

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FusionChefGeoff Sun 16-Jun-19 22:04:43

Pinched from a previous thread, I'm planning on slow roasted Moroccan lamb shoulder for a large gathering in a few weeks.

Any good recipes for sides??

So far I have the following ideas but no recipes. Would like to keep it Middle Eastern but might have a Greek corner too!!!

Baba ganoush
Pita breads
New potatoes - how to dress?
Greek salad

Any links to tried and tested recipes?

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myrtleWilson Sun 16-Jun-19 22:12:44

ottolenghi for tabbouleh

I've done Sabrina Ghayor's Moroccan slow roast lamb and did Harissa potatoes with it which worked really well plus a side salad of cucumber/radish - its in this link

If you don't want to do hummus/or it isn't as warm as you like Nigel Slater does a take on hummus

I've made a couple of things from this website which were v good - the preserved lemon and feta parcels (not really a side dish for you!)

cdtaylornats Sun 16-Jun-19 23:02:28

Lemon and mint on the potatoes

Ricekrispie22 Mon 17-Jun-19 06:44:20

Use this recipe for harissa couscous

Chickpea tagine or this if you’re going Greek

Possibly a pilaf

FusionChefGeoff Mon 17-Jun-19 22:49:41

Oh yes yes yes this is exactly what I need!!

Another random question: what is the citrusy spice / powder / ingredient which is used in Middle Eastern salads?? I did a cookery 'experience' once which used it and it transformed everything but I can't remember what it was!!

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FlukeSkyeRunner Tue 18-Jun-19 14:38:10


Windygate Tue 18-Jun-19 14:47:49

Couscous: finely chop a some red or orange pepper and a couple of spring onions, soften slightly in a little olive oil in a large deep saucepan, switch off heat. Add a generous handful of your favourite dried fruits.
Measuring out couscous in a jug or mug, add to the pan and stir through. Add same volume of really hot stock (I use boiled kettle water and Swiss bullion powder) add to pan and put lid on, leave until all water absorbed.
When ready fluff with a fork and turn out into a serving dish, cut a pomegranate in half and bash the uncut side with a wooden spoon over the grains. The seeds will fall out and look like little jewels.

The spice I think you are referring to is Sumac. Pomegranate dressing is also lovely.

JustGoing Tue 18-Jun-19 14:58:22

Yes, sumac.

Can I come?

Ayesha Curry's food blog has an amazing slow roast lamb on their with pomegranate glaze 🤤

QforCucumber Tue 18-Jun-19 15:00:20

I also find adding pomegranate seeds to a salad which accompanies harissa and similar spices give a lovely sweet edge

BlingLoving Tue 18-Jun-19 15:05:32

Tzatiki is really easy.

Grate a cucumber (peel if you like, but I never bother) and leave in a colander to drain for a bit.

Chop a small bunch of mint very finely.

Chop 1-2 garlic cloves very finely (or grate them), depending on how garlicky you like it.

Squeeze the cucumber and place in a bowl. Add enough full fat greek yoghurt so that it's all coated but still super thick. Add the mint and garlic. Add 1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar (red wine vinegar will work too) (or 1.5 teaspoons if it's large amount). Add salt. Stir and serve.

The vinegar is essentia

I think that if you're making it ahead, it's worth draining the cucumber with salt as once the salt hits the tzatiki it tends to start getting more liquidy. But as I serve it fairly soon after I've made it, I've always been okay with that.

Make your potato lemony for that middle eastern/greek vibe. I think MIL does it by adding lemons to the dish when she roasts them.

Summer84 Tue 18-Jun-19 15:13:53

I am not sure if this fits in with our theme, but I think it works well with lots of different combos.

I love the following homemade salsa / relish..... salad tomatos, cucumber, red onion all very finely chopped, sqeeze of lemon juice, freshly chopped coriander, give it a good shake (in a plastic tub with a lid on obvs wink}
And sit it in the fridge until you are ready.

Fills up any naan, pitta, taco, toast, excellent side for burgers, chicken, lambs etc...... pretty much good for anything!

stucknoue Tue 18-Jun-19 15:25:17

If you want to cheat, Aldi's spicy new potatoes (chiller aisle) go nice with lamb and Greek salad. For nibbles spanakopita triangles maybe. If any are veggie/dieting then a chickpea tangine is nice

NoWayNoHow Tue 18-Jun-19 16:15:09

This is delish - goes brilliantly with lamb because of mint, pomegranate and feta

AlpenCrazy Tue 18-Jun-19 17:44:11

This is fabulous

As is this

HellInAHandCartThatsWhat Wed 19-Jun-19 07:17:28

I’ve parboiled potatoes for roasting with a lemon in the water and then chucked the lemon 8n the roasting tin afterwards. Works well...(I’m just 0lacemarking really...)

TheSandgroper Wed 19-Jun-19 11:41:39

I started with this and have been known to add olives, greek feta, borlotti beans, pecans or walnuts.

It can be as light or as filling as you like.

Chewbecca Wed 19-Jun-19 20:11:15

If I want the keep it simple but delicious, I do slow roast lamb with

these small crunchy pots,

Greek salad (just toms, cuce (seeds removed) and very thinly sliced red onion. Topped with crumbled feta, with oregano, then oil and vinegar at the last min.

Tzatziki - peel a cucumber, cut vertically, remove seeds with a teaspoon. Grate coarsely the squeeze out juice. Mix grated cuce with Greek yoghurt, crushed garlic, seasoning. Add a couple of tsps oil and a little white wine vinegar. Drizzle with olive oil.

WanttoFindWorkLifeBalance Thu 20-Jun-19 07:39:58

Best houmous I've tried (of many!) -

Ottolenghi has great salads - did his green herb one and tomato / pomegranate one for similar menu recently.

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