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Vegetarian starter for special birthday lunch

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wentmadinthecountry Sun 03-Feb-19 19:42:13

Mumsnet has helped me out before with all things vegetarian so I have high hopes!

Lunch next Sunday - my dad volunteered to pay for lunch out as it's my 55th birthday then my step mother's 93rd birthday the following day. Will cost a fortune with our 4 (3 of them adult plus partners) so I am cooking. Dd1 and her bf are vegetarian so I thought an elegant vegetarian starter for everyone would be in order - there will be 11 of us. Main courses are fine because I'm doing 3 things. Ideally something that doesn't take too much last minute faffing as it's my birthday too. Lots of willing helpers (dcs who normally live the other side of the country) but more champagne, less chopping, more prep the day before or early morning would be good. I'd rather avoid mushrooms as I'm planning on a mushroom wellington as a main course.

Please don't say that lovely Bosh vegetable tart - looked pretty Jackson Pollock when I tried to make it!! I'm a pretty good cook, just a rather impatient one.

Thank you!

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JennyHolzersGhost Sun 03-Feb-19 19:44:20

What main courses are you doing ?

JennyHolzersGhost Sun 03-Feb-19 19:45:27

And are you going for formal, semi formal or casual ?

travailtotravel Sun 03-Feb-19 19:47:12

What about little tarts - onion, for example. I'm also a big fan of mezze help yourself style starters - plonk on table. Hummus, dips, breadsticks, sundries toms atc

Onandonandons Sun 03-Feb-19 19:48:35

A nice tasty soup like beetroot or carrot and coriander. With cream.

PurpleDaisies Sun 03-Feb-19 19:49:28

I’m guessing you want to stay away from puff pastry if you’re doing a wellington for main.

I’ve done tings like mini savoury scones with chutney and a bit of salad, spanakopita (make ahead and reheat), beetroot feta and lentil salad. Or soup and crusty bread is always well received.

iklboo Sun 03-Feb-19 19:50:10

A couple of Camemberts with rosemary and garlic, crusty bread, crudités etc?

Mookatron Sun 03-Feb-19 19:50:12

Yes, a soup. Creamy asparagus or something, with a good home made stock.

Joinourclub Sun 03-Feb-19 19:50:41

Butternut squash soup

Roast beetroot and goats cheese salad

Asparagus and a poached egg

CrispbuttyNo1 Sun 03-Feb-19 19:51:15

I make courgette and halloumi fritters with salsa and they are well received.

JayAlfredPrufrock Sun 03-Feb-19 19:52:52

I made a lovely Broccoli and Boursin soup for New Year’s Eve.

PurpleDaisies Sun 03-Feb-19 19:53:20

Forgot about fritters. Love those. Sweetcorn fritters with spicy tomato chutney is my favourite.

wentmadinthecountry Sun 03-Feb-19 19:53:51

Not entirely decided - thinking very very slow roasted lamb, boeuf bourgignon and mushroom wellington. Semi formal - nice clothes, nice drinks and food. Don't like odd numbers though for table setting. Will be a bit of a push round the table. Not too casual as dsm is French as well as being 93 and quite well dragged up!

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wentmadinthecountry Sun 03-Feb-19 19:55:26

Wow! All those responses while I typed and listened to dd!! Will keep all these ideas in mind now dd1 is vegetarian!

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CrispbuttyNo1 Sun 03-Feb-19 19:57:24

I did sweet corn and spring onion fritters for a dinner party last night

myrtleWilson Sun 03-Feb-19 19:58:51

This is served in a v good restaurant near me - would it work do you think?

leaveby10 Sun 03-Feb-19 19:59:23

I would not do a starter - they are too much fuss for home cooking! Restaurants do starters because it gives them time to cook your main course, at home you don't have that issue. I would serve nibbles with drinks when people arrive.

2cats2many Sun 03-Feb-19 20:03:08

I would just do a platter of antipasti. Nice cheeses, breads,.olives, sun-dried tomatoes, cold meats, artichokes, etc. Let people help themselves over drinks then sit down for lunch.

kateandme Sun 03-Feb-19 20:07:35

vegetable stacks
cheese and mustard leeks.
asparagus with poached eggs.
rosti/carrot fritter/with salad and poached egg
mezze salad with warm grain or potatos.
garlic green beans and broccoli.
sweet potato stuffed halves.
sweet potatos sliders topped with a pepper.tomato,onions mashup

CatnissEverdene Sun 03-Feb-19 20:07:43

This is fab with flatbreads/crudites to share?

Or this one

TwoGinScentedTears Sun 03-Feb-19 20:09:16

Can't go wrong with Ottolenghi, this is quite 'posh': poached baby vegetables with caper mayonnaise

FurryGiraffe Sun 03-Feb-19 20:10:44

Twice baked cheese soufflés- small ones in ramekins. Cook them the day before, then all you need to do on the day is plonk them in the oven for fifteen minutes to puff up again.

Etino Sun 03-Feb-19 20:16:28

Very very easy-
Rocquefort pear pinenut salad.
Roast the pinenuts and make a salad with chicory grated carrots and the above chopped up

PurpleDaisies Sun 03-Feb-19 20:18:31


In what way are these vegetarian?

NannyR Sun 03-Feb-19 20:25:35

balsamic red onion and goats cheese tarts I've made these a couple of times, they taste good, look impressive and are very easy to make. I slice the onions in a food processor then make the onion filling in advance and use ready made puff pastry.

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