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Quiche combos

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FusionChefGeoff Thu 10-Jan-19 09:07:07

Going to try quiche from scratch - what are your favourite fillings? Can only think of cheese & bacon or broccoli!

ZeroFuchsGiven Thu 10-Jan-19 09:08:13

Spinach and feta is my absolute favourite.

cloudtree Thu 10-Jan-19 09:09:13

our favourite is feta and pesto.

pickingdaisies Thu 10-Jan-19 09:10:23

Mushroom and red pepper

Quarepants Thu 10-Jan-19 09:11:10

Delia Smith's onion tart. It's a quiche with fancy but easy to make pastry. Tip: make 1.5 times the pastry as it can be brittle to roll out.

Disfordarkchocolate Thu 10-Jan-19 09:13:39

Mushroom, onion (lots), husband likes tomato, Mediterranean veg (vary the cheese), salmon with spinach. I love quiche .

FusionChefGeoff Thu 10-Jan-19 09:55:19

Great ideas - any other tips for a quiche novice??

User5trillion Thu 10-Jan-19 09:57:11

Chorizo, chicken and red pepper - yum. I make them with the pastry, not strictly speaking a quiche but yum none the less

cloudtree Thu 10-Jan-19 09:57:55

If you buy pesto genovese which is firmer and more cheesy than normal pesto then you can literally add it to eggs to make a decent quiche

blind bake the pastry case

mix 4 eggs with a jar of pesto
chop half a pack of feta and place bits on the pastry case.
gently pour over egg/pesto mixture


Disfordarkchocolate Thu 10-Jan-19 10:02:18

Tips - If I fry any filling I use half butter and half oil. A cheese roux sauce makes a nice change from the eggs mixture sometimes and it's lovely and fluffy if you fold in whisked eggs whites at the end (mix yolks in with roux after cheese), single cream instead body milk is good too as a treat.

Blondie1984 Thu 10-Jan-19 17:39:49

Smoked salmon and asparagus
Roasted red pepper and feta

Nicpem1982 Thu 10-Jan-19 17:42:37

Asparagus pea and bacon

Chorizo and red pepper

Pesto and feta

Lunaballoon Thu 10-Jan-19 19:56:18

Another vote for Delia’s onion tart. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It’s awesome!

FusionChefGeoff Sat 12-Jan-19 08:17:56

I am sooooo excited to start my quiche adventure! But realised I don’t have proper baking beads - I have lentils or rice will that work? Do I just pour them straight on or put them in a muslin / foil?!?

cloudtree Sat 12-Jan-19 08:33:33

They need to be on something

TwoGinScentedTears Sat 12-Jan-19 08:37:49

I love making quiche!

Always roll the pastry out much larger than the case.

Grease the tin/case well.

Let the excess pastry hang over the edges and prick all over with a fork. Line with greaseproof paper/parchment and bake blind with heads/lentils. Remove from the oven, take the baking beads and parchment out and put it back in the oven to allow the pasty to dry out.

Put your filling in and then the egg and cream mix, season well.

Cook until puffy and golden.

When cool trimnrhe pastry down. It will have shrunk but that's why you've left it hanging over-so the shrinkage doesn't mean that you've lost the edges.

My current favourite filling is roasted pumpkin and sage.


Bloomcounty Sat 12-Jan-19 10:41:03

My family love broad bean quiche. I cook frozen broad beans, cool them quickly in cold water then squeeze them out of their greyish skins before stuffing the quiche with them and then decorating the top with thin slices of red pepper and olives. Admittedly, this is more of a summer dish than winter but it's very filling.

PabloTescobar Sun 13-Jan-19 15:02:33

Sausage and onion is my favourite.

tararabumdeay Sun 13-Jan-19 15:21:30

Spinach and blue cheese is our Sunday roast choice. Even non lovers of raw blue like it!

Home made wholemeal pastry left in fridge for an hour
A whole block of Stilton (Danish Blue is good too)
Plus about 100g (just less) of mature chedder
10 blocks of frozen spinach thawed and squeezed
Large onion fried till soft
A few small chunks of mushroom for bite (about 10 buttons)
Some cream
5 eggs

Mix filling in a mixing bowl pour into pastry case (I never blind bake it). Takes about 45 min in medium oven

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