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What did you crave during pregnancy???

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wurlywurly Tue 22-May-07 15:51:18

With ds1 I wanted turkey and maramlade sandwiches. With ds2 I wanted apple juice and snack sized mars bars. Went off all junk food and carved roast potatoes and gravy.

Anyone else?

frumpygrumpy Tue 22-May-07 15:53:16

sex (I thought that was great but I don't think DP found me so desirable in my whale like state ), mashed potato with salt and banana milkshakes

BigHotMama Tue 22-May-07 15:55:37

Full fat milk
Big bowls of frosties
Ice Lolls

Lol at turkey and marmalade sarnies

WineglassSkittles Tue 22-May-07 16:02:22

Liquorice Allsorts.

skay Tue 22-May-07 16:05:22

Ketchup with everything. Ice on it's own.

lulumama Tue 22-May-07 16:06:20

peas in the pod with DS

strawberry hubba bubba with DD - i had a filling at 37 weeks !

SoMuchToBits Tue 22-May-07 16:08:10

Raw broccoli (used to eat it at the bus stop on my way home from work!). Also loved the smell of petrol and some plastics. Strange, I know...

saltire Tue 22-May-07 16:09:40

With DS1 it was Barrs red Kola. The Co-Op at Lossiemouth started stocking big 2 litre bottles especially for me

with DS2 it was cheese.

brightwell Tue 22-May-07 16:13:12

With dd it was grapefruit, used to eat 3 a day like oranges, and cheesey wotsits, the smell of them now makes me heave, they smell like vomit. With ds it was breadsticks dipped in english mustard and hot & spicey pickled onions.

Budababe Tue 22-May-07 16:20:38

Iced water

strawberries and cherries - thank god it was summer!

Oh and weetabix as soon as I woke up but that was only in the early stages. I would eat 3 at a time!

MegaLegs Tue 22-May-07 16:22:29

Cherries and lychees.
Baked potatoes were all I could eat for the first few months with all four of mine till the MS passed.

ItsNotOnlyTheGoodBits Tue 22-May-07 16:34:11

I craved chips, and like MegaLegs that passed until the morning sickness passed. Maybe baked potatoes would have been healthier, but I didn't think of that. Well actually chips were ALL I could keep down.

After month 4 I could eat anything...and I did!

JARM Tue 22-May-07 16:37:25

DD1 - potatoes of any variety - couldnt get enough, went off bacon and gammon in a BIG way

DD2 - cant really remember craving anything particular, but couldnt eat coleslaw at all

This time - currently craving doner kebabs (havent given in yet) and am off most hot dinners regardless

MissTea4Me Tue 22-May-07 16:39:04

Couldn't get enough of greek salad. Thought it was a pretty odd craving and then went to dinner at a mate's, also pregnant; she plonked a huge bowl of it on the table and said, "Hope you don't mind Greek salad; I've just been eating it constantly since I've been pregnant."

peggy0062 Tue 22-May-07 16:39:47

With DS1 it was beef.

This time round 20 weeks already and still no appetite, although I started to drink milk which I normally don't like.

suzycreamcheese Tue 22-May-07 17:01:19

...used to sneak smells of shoe dubbing and polish...just a quick sniff before we go..
extra strong mints the barrel full...

just reminded me its dinner time!

marmitemad Tue 22-May-07 17:04:25

marmite the whole way through (I used to eat a small pot every morning with a teaspoon!!

and tomatoes but not as much as marmite

Rantmum Tue 22-May-07 17:04:49

In first trimester - white bread and cheese - only thing that made the nausea stop (for a moment or two).

Second trimester - frosted icing. HOW unhealthy is that?

Third trimester - spag bol and clementines, dh got a wee bit sick of our monotonous diet .

jellyjelly Tue 22-May-07 18:42:29

I craved m stretch mark cream which smelt like turkish delight.
POickled onion monster munch and chocolate orange in the same mouthfull

Wimpy quarter pounders with lots of orange sauce.

I hated ham and beer and i had to move the coffee jar into another cupboard and the sugar in the other. I would heave if i drove or smelt coffee or beer.

tegan Tue 22-May-07 18:51:07

dd1 was rice krispies straight from the box ( i was getting through 4 of the big boxes a day)

dd2 was milky ways, luckily they were on special offer at the time. dh worked out that I actually spent around £600 on them when pg with dd2

talcyoyo Tue 22-May-07 18:53:32

Marmite for first 3 months

yorkshire pudding and mint sauce

fruit pie and icecream in large quantities

would only drink through a straw

runnyhabbit Tue 22-May-07 18:56:33

ds1 - Weetabix. Would be nothing for me to have 8 in one go. Can't stand the sight of them now

ds2 - apple juice and the sandwich lady at work did lovely prawn baguettes (she always kept them for me!)

unknownrebelbang Tue 22-May-07 18:56:54

Bread pudding.

bristols Tue 22-May-07 18:58:58

Greek yogurt with honey.

And cadbury's fruit and nut. But I think that I used the term 'craving' as an excuse to eat as much as I wanted.

JoanCrawford Tue 22-May-07 18:59:45

humous sandwiches

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