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Stuck in a 'jollop' rut - I need wheat-free, vegetarian inspiration for family meals

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Flamingoose Wed 31-Jan-18 04:13:30

The rules are: no wheat, no meat or fish. No meals that take masses of prep.

I end up doing 'jollop' a lot, which is sort of a catch-all term for a one-pot based vegetable and pulse dish. Sometimes it's Mexican green pepper and black bean jollop in wraps. Sometimes it's pumpkin and kale risotto. We have lots of curries with rice. Often I do various veg and lentils or beans in a tomato sauce, with rice or mixed grains, or with gluten-free pasta.

It's all overcooked, damp, one-pot stuff and I'm sick of it. I used to think I was a passably decent cook, but I really don't think I am any more.

I'm the only cook in the family. I'm ferociously short of time - We all leave the house at 7am and I get home with the children at about 5.30 - they need to eat by 6ish.

Would appreciate suggestions.

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SandLand Wed 31-Jan-18 05:05:53

Not thought this through totally, but:
Jacket potatoes in the microwave, with cheese or beans or coleslaw, or some of the " jollop" remains from the night before.
Eggs: omelettes- cheese and tomato, mushroom, herb. Baked eggs? There are several recipes for a tomato-pepper-onion base with eggs cracked into the top. With frozen chopped peppers and onions, this could be quite quick.
You mention wraps, so have some wheat free edible ones? They can be used as pizza bases with whatever toppings you like.
Stir fry with rice (glass) noodles.

TheGingerSnapped Wed 31-Jan-18 05:16:15

Pre-chop veges for stir-fry on the weekend and store in plastic containers, then quickly fry them up with tofu in a wok. Only takes minutes to cook and serve if the prep is done.

Bunless burgers are good too. Use 2 large mushrooms as the bun and fill with marinated tofu or vege patties and salad. The mushrooms cook quickly and taste great with some teriyaki sauce added in the cooking process.

Rice paper rolls would be good too. Rice vermicelli, lettuce, carrot, mint and coriander with hoisin sauce to dip - add any other veges you guys love. Plonk all the ingredients on plates and let everyone make their own at the table.

worriedaboutchristmas Wed 31-Jan-18 07:37:42

Minestrone or country veg soup? Leek and potato soup?

You say wraps- could these be made to quesadilla-black bean and cheese/ pepper and feta/ etc.

Or could could wraps be made into enchiladas with veg chilli/bolognese inside? Or even a sort of pizza? Could they be cut into triangle and made into nachos by baking and serving with guacamole, black beans and cheese?

I think roasting a batch of potatoes on a Sunday to warm up in the oven on s weekday may be a good idea? Then you can have jacket potatoes with bolognese/chilli/spinach and ricotta/ beetroot feta and chives/ beans etc

With pre baked potatoes you could also fry quick potato wedges with bean burgers or wedges egg and beans

Roast Mediterranean veg and herb laced quinoa? Or vegetable tagine with quinoa?

Omelette? Or Spanish tortilla- a potato/red pepper and goats cheese tortilla?

Rice noodle salads or soups

Veg shepherds pie?

Veg paella

worriedaboutchristmas Wed 31-Jan-18 07:44:39

A rice noodle laksa?

I know they seem faddy but have you got a spiraliser? Because courgette spaghetti would open up pasta options for you? My children enjoy courgetti bolognese, or veg carbonara, in a tomato ragu etc.

Black pepper tofu, broccoli and rice?

Tapas? With potato bravas, courgette chips, hummus and crudettes, gluten free falafel, garlic mushrooms etc

IDismyname Wed 31-Jan-18 07:45:36

What about a kind of cheesy veg/ pasta bake?
Make a batch of cheese sauce using GF flour, then fold it into cooked veg, and sprinkle GF breadcrumbs on top, maybe with more grated cheese? Leeks and butternut squash would be good.

What about using halloumi? Fried halloumi with oven roast veg? Or a halloumi burger.

It worries me that none of your recipes include much in the way of dairy - unless you're excluding that too.

worriedaboutchristmas Wed 31-Jan-18 08:00:16

Stuffed courgettes/squash or peppers?

This looks interesting -

And this is neither quick nor easy and you'd have to use gram flour but when searching stiffed veg it cane up and looks so good (And bad - both simultaneously!)

LizardMonitor Wed 31-Jan-18 08:04:44

Watercress and lentil burgers
Sweet potato wedges
Ottolenghi Aubergine and Puy Lentil Stew
Baked potato

FoofFighter Wed 31-Jan-18 08:06:40

Shakshuka (might be wrong spelling!) eggs cooked in a pan of peppers, onions tomatoes etc

Stuffofawesome Wed 31-Jan-18 08:13:07

Take a look at Anna Jones recipes. lots in the guardian. Her tray baked dinners are easy and versatile.

comfortandjoy Wed 31-Jan-18 08:40:40

I wanted to ask the same question . Thankssmile

tigerdog Wed 31-Jan-18 08:53:17

We just had a gusto box (half price) and they have a good gluten free section. We’re not veggie but usually only eat meat once a week and stick to vegetarian the rest of the time, so most choices were veggie or vegan. Also, some of their recipes don’t contain wheat as such but will use soy sauce so aren’t listed as gluten free but you can sub it out for your own gluten free one. I have to say that it exceeded all expectations and there were plenty of plant based meals. All easy to cook in around 30 minutes.

We eat Halloumi and quinoa with roasted veg a lot, stir frys and various takes on curry and risotto too. I do find that I lack inspiration at the moment, so we’ll have the same thing too often and get sick of it!

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 31-Jan-18 09:21:27

Might sound a bit weird but I do a potato wedges, nachos style dish. Admittedly if yo make your own wedges at the time it may take a little longer but if you parboil and chop the potatoes in advance, or use ready made ones it would be doable. Basically you cook the wedge in the oven as normal, then put in the base of an oven proof dish and dip over a can of chilli beans and a pot of ready made salsa. Cover the whole this in grated chees and put back in oven for 5-10 mins.

kateandme Wed 31-Jan-18 21:43:24

veggie hot pot
veggie crumbles
cheese leek potato tortilla or other versions
striy frys
veggies burgers
pasta bake
potato mustard leek dauphinois
hash with eggs on top
puff pastry sheet with different toppings.
bean tomato bake toppe with potatos
veggie lasagne
rice one pots
risotto (you can do oven baked ones so no need for standing over it and prep time)
veggie skewers
make slightly drier veg currys and serve atop toaste naans like a pizza
roasted vegg tarts

HippyChickMama Wed 31-Jan-18 21:54:40

This is lovely and can be prepped the night before, put in the fridge and then cooked in 30 mins in the oven

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