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foodiefil Thu 07-Sep-17 21:47:17

Which one? And should I get one?

What do you use it for?

Only interested in kitchenaid mixers, not any other make - sorry confused

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DramaAlpaca Thu 07-Sep-17 21:53:47

Yes, get one!

The Artisan is the usual one for domestic kitchens, there is also a bigger model.

I use mine for bread, cakes, meringues, it's great. It has pride of place in my kitchen & looks lovely on the worktop.

What colour are you thinking of?

foodiefil Thu 07-Sep-17 21:55:58

Not very exciting but white 😂 I have a wood white and sage kitchen.

Open to other ideas though. I love lots of the colours but would have it on the counter all the time and am quite boring about things matching 😏

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foodiefil Thu 07-Sep-17 21:57:25

Ok now I love the pistachio now!

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DramaAlpaca Thu 07-Sep-17 21:59:55

Mine is cream, and I chose it because it goes with everything. The pistachio one might look nice in your kitchen.

DramaAlpaca Thu 07-Sep-17 22:01:02

Haha! Posted pistachio before I saw your message.

foodiefil Thu 07-Sep-17 22:03:35

😂👍🏽 great minds ...

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Auntiedahlia Thu 07-Sep-17 22:03:50

You definitely need an artisan.

JaneEyre70 Thu 07-Sep-17 22:05:03

DH bought mine around 10 years ago, and it's a really dark grey metal colour. I was slightly gutted as we have a cream kitchen, but I must admit that I quite love it now. It is literally amazing, cakes come out super light and fluffy - and it's great for meringue, bisuit dough, crumble tops and pastry too. My grandaughter has got coeliac disease and it works miracles with the heavier gluten free flour. And bread kneading is magic. They really are worth the money if you like baking.

foodiefil Thu 07-Sep-17 22:06:58

I love baking 💕 I really want one and have birthday money.

How much is an artisan?

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DramaAlpaca Thu 07-Sep-17 22:17:48

They are expensive but worth it. I was really lucky because mine was a gift. Shop around as prices vary a lot, wait for the sales if you can.

canihaveacoffeeplease Fri 08-Sep-17 10:26:11

God get one, they're brilliant. I have a professional bowl lift one with the big 6.9 l bowl but it is pretty big. I do do commercial baking from home though. It's silver and gorgeous and I love it so much. Before I had this one I had a red artisan and loved it.

Amazing for meringues, cakes, bread, buns, icing etc. For the attachments, the pasta roller is absolutely brilliant, can't recommend it enough, the mincer is great and so is the spiraliser.

On a recent trip to London we found the kitchen aid shop on Wigmore Street and its bloody brilliant! There's a 6ft kitchen aid in the window and according to the lady in the shop it does actually workgrin

If you do a lot of baking etc my one recommendation would be a second bowl, really handy for e.g. Preparing ingredients in one while the other is mixing

canihaveacoffeeplease Fri 08-Sep-17 10:28:19

Oh agree with wait for the sales and shop around.

Nisbets is a commercial online catering supplier, and they often have really good deals on kitchenaids, but you do have to wait for the deals to come up.

If you have a Costco card or access to one, they also often have amazing deals, they only seem to have the white, black and red in store, but if you're looking at white, that's not a problem!

picklemepopcorn Fri 08-Sep-17 10:28:34

I love mine, it's a mellow yellow colour which no longer matches my kitchen. I've got a silver cover over it.

Huffletuff Fri 08-Sep-17 10:34:31

Get one. I gave pistachio. It's incredibly beautiful.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 08-Sep-17 10:37:33

I have crystal blue, its beeyootiful

Sundaylunchhappy Fri 08-Sep-17 10:42:09

I have the pistachio. Sounds daft but my now husband was told at the time (many moons ago), that I didn't mind what engagement ring he chose if I could please have a kitchenaid!

It gets lots of use and I'm very funny about having appliances on show, but this is a thing of beauty..... stares with love across the kitchen table grin

(Also, have a snooty chef friend who after sniffing at it to begin with, had to admit it was pretty good even with a massive amount of rye bread mix).

pengymum Fri 08-Sep-17 10:48:59

Shop around as there are good deals around also promotions like extra bowls/attachments/cashback. Also worth looking at Amazon Warehouse Deals as they have damaged box/open box reduced price items. Whenever I have bought a Warehouse deal item it's been fine but you can return if you're not happy with it. Amaozn returns are free if faulty. DON'T buy from an Amazon Marketplace seller as returns are a pain for a large item.

There are some a white ones here:
Amazon Warehouse Deals KitchenAid

highwoodwitch Fri 08-Sep-17 11:01:48

Got mine from here - worth a look

CarolinePenvenen Fri 08-Sep-17 11:04:27

Got mine from John Lewis and they price matched with Harts. Haven’t looked at the prices recently so don’t know if that would still be cheaper but anyway.

Mines candy apple red ❤️

SnowBallsAreHere Fri 08-Sep-17 11:05:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SnowBallsAreHere Fri 08-Sep-17 11:05:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MotherofSausage Fri 08-Sep-17 11:13:38

I got my Artisan from Harts of Stur - was very impressed with the delivery and service. I would not be without mine - I am an enthusiastic but piss poor baker and the Kitchen Aid helps me wing it.

Mine is cranberry - but I got a cream cover from Kitchen Aid when we decorated, which is actually good to protect from dust and tiny DS fingers.

Do it.

CinnamonTwist Fri 08-Sep-17 11:17:45

Yes do it!! I LOVE mine, one of the best things in my kitchen and I use it all the time.

Orangeplastic Fri 08-Sep-17 11:36:44

Not sure it's any better than a Kenwood but given it sits on the worktop and therefore being pretty is quite a high priority! I do bread, cakes, meringues etc in mine - I've had it 10 years now - in red. I love it!

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