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What do you serve with lasagne?

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PosiePootlePerkins Mon 26-Dec-16 12:18:50

Got family coming for lunch tomorrow, there will be 12 of us, all ages. Was planning to make two huge lasagnes today so I can just heat them up tomorrow. Other than garlic bread and salad leaves, what else should I serve?

calzone Mon 26-Dec-16 12:19:47

Sounds enough to me

fluffiphlox Mon 26-Dec-16 12:21:10

More salad stuff not just leaves. I always think garlic bread is a bit much with lasagne but I know others enjoy it.

GetTheeBehindMeSanta Mon 26-Dec-16 12:21:11

That sounds fine. As long as everyone likes lasagne, you don't need much with it. I might do a full salad rather than just leaves, but would be happy with what you're serving.

hugoagogo Mon 26-Dec-16 12:21:24


Nanasueathome Mon 26-Dec-16 12:22:12

Jacket potato

PUGaLUGS Mon 26-Dec-16 12:23:36

Green beans in garlic - cook green beans till al dente, drain and cool. Mix one part vinegar to three parts oil and add a couple of chopped garlic cloves. Pour over beans and mix through.

Blacksox Mon 26-Dec-16 12:24:23

Noooo to chips or jacket potato!! That is a stodgy travesty and a carb overload.

I would serve lots of lovely salad.

Flumplet Mon 26-Dec-16 12:24:31

Chips, salad and garlic bread 😍

TrustySnail Mon 26-Dec-16 12:24:35

Nothing - I see it as one of those things that's a meal in itself.

PickAChew Mon 26-Dec-16 12:25:41

I usually serve.a.big.pile of greens of some sort.

And usually hit the space bar.

GetTheeBehindMeSanta Mon 26-Dec-16 12:26:21

Definitely not potato. It would be like having spaghetti bolognese and chips!

Philoslothy Mon 26-Dec-16 12:26:41

Salad and garlic bread. It is meat and pasta so needs nothing else. You wouldn't serve potato with spaghetti bolognese

PosiePootlePerkins Mon 26-Dec-16 12:26:58

Thanks for all the replies!
<confused > grin

Philoslothy Mon 26-Dec-16 12:33:46

PUG like the sound of those beans

Audreyhelp Mon 26-Dec-16 12:35:10


PosiePootlePerkins Mon 26-Dec-16 12:36:29

Ooh, peas. Now that's thrown me. Just peas?

Moomin37 Mon 26-Dec-16 12:37:56

Always have peas with lasagne - yum!

AndNowItsSeven Mon 26-Dec-16 12:38:42

Chips salad and garlic dough balls.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Mon 26-Dec-16 12:39:45

Nothing. Just lasagne.

Audreyhelp Mon 26-Dec-16 12:44:00

I love peas with lasagne and think how easy they will to do with all those people there.

Ineedmorelemonpledge Mon 26-Dec-16 12:45:50

Steamed green beans or broccoli?

Green bean salad?

WeAllHaveWings Mon 26-Dec-16 12:45:52

Peas and chips

Ineedmorelemonpledge Mon 26-Dec-16 12:46:18

Steamed green beans or broccoli?

Green bean salad?

Santamajormummy000 Mon 26-Dec-16 12:52:11

Carrot sticks! A nice change in texture to lasagne.

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