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French onion soup

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FawnDrench Wed 28-Oct-15 19:01:38

I've got more than a bit of a yearning for some delicious French onion soup.
So I'm asking for your opinions about what ingredients to include in this please.
I've looked at lots of recipes and there is such a wide variety to choose from.

Some recipes say to use sherry, some say white wine, or red wine or cognac or brandy.
Some recipes include thyme but many don't mention any herbs.
And I won't even start on what cheese to use as this varies wildly from recipe to recipe too.

I'd be really grateful for any tips and also any of your tried and tested recipes for making French onion soup.

Thanks very much.

Eminybob Wed 28-Oct-15 19:05:07

Ooh following this with interest. I had a hankering a couple of years ago, I bought a set of the little crock pots to serve them in too, but the recipe I used was rubbish and so I didn't bother again.

IHaveBrilloHair Wed 28-Oct-15 19:10:08

Delia's, absolutely Delia's here
Pop a couple of pickled walnuts on the melty gruyere toast too.

BeenAndGone Wed 28-Oct-15 19:19:55

Was going to day Delia's too. It's simple to made and tastes amazing.

BeenAndGone Wed 28-Oct-15 19:22:14

* Make

HoneyDragon Wed 28-Oct-15 19:24:18

Spoonful of marmite does wonders to French onion soup.
I love it at this time of year.

HoneyDragon Wed 28-Oct-15 19:27:57

I use Sherry or white wine usually as I have it to hand.

Thyme goes in if I can be arsed to go in the garden and get some.

As long as you're patient and really sweat down the onions till they are a nice mahogany colour then you've pretty much nailed it.

HuevosRancheros Wed 28-Oct-15 21:07:08

Another vote for Delia here smile
Was thinking of this just this afternoon, as I started to come down with the cold that the rest of the family has angry
French onion soup cures colds smile

Laska5772 Wed 28-Oct-15 21:12:42

Felicity Cloake always has the perfect recipe ! Perfect French Onion Soup

HopefulAnxiety Wed 28-Oct-15 23:56:16

Another vote for Delia. Essentials - beef stock and some kind of booze, sherry is very nice but I think madeira/brandy/white wine would also be good, I think red wine would be overpowering. I like thyme in mine.

Eminybob Thu 29-Oct-15 08:03:26

Can anyone suggest a good ready made beef stock to use?

FawnDrench Thu 29-Oct-15 17:51:46

Thanks one and all for the helpful suggestions and recipe recommendations.
Delia it is then...with a dollop of marmite.wink

iklboo Thu 29-Oct-15 18:00:10

Another vote for really sweating the onions down properly. You've got to take your time with them. Then I use a splash of brandy and beef stock. I do mine in the slow cooker as well, cool overnight then reheat the next day. As Tom Kerridge would say - proper lush.

HopefulAnxiety Fri 30-Oct-15 00:14:27

Eminy I find the beef stock concentrate/stock pots are better than ready made 'fresh' stock for some reason. I'd use stock pots or homemade stock.

fruitscone Fri 30-Oct-15 08:23:19

I'd say caramelise the onions with a spot of sugar in the pans (takes ages, low heat so they don't burn), then veg stock and thyme.

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