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April Cookery Book Club - Diana Henry

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Pantah630 Wed 01-Apr-15 07:38:20

Welcome to Spring and Cookery Book Club. This month we are testing Diana Henry's recipes from her many books and online recipes.

I have her new chicken book, A Bird in the Hand, and have made one of the spiced thigh dishes, it was good but not memorable as I can't remember the name blush will go back through the book and let you all know later. For those without any books or access to them through your libraries there should be recipes online.

Some of us were so enthralled by Made in India that we will still be reccing those recipes too.

Pantah630 Wed 01-Apr-15 07:40:16

Diana Henry website for recipes here

glorious Wed 01-Apr-15 07:46:06

Thanks pantah. I'm happy to type stuff up from roast figs, sugar snow or the healthy one when I can remember what it's called

ScienceRocks Wed 01-Apr-15 08:07:21

Checking in to see if you lot convince me I need one of these books in my life grin

HuevosRancheros Wed 01-Apr-15 09:29:40

Thanks Pantah

I shall watch and read with interest, and probably end up with a whole shelf of Diana Henrys by the end of the month grin

pregnantpause Wed 01-Apr-15 09:43:40

Thanks pantah. I'll be cooking much less this month as I'm away a lot, but I have a few recipes earmarked. Though, like you , I'm not ready to shelf mii yet- such a great booksmile

The two Dh books I have are roast figs and change of appetite- it's like they're written by different authors! Complete opposites.

TwoLittleTerrors Wed 01-Apr-15 10:13:48

I will be back from my Easter break in the middle of the month. So a lot less cooking for me too. But I love diana henry. Especially cook simple and a change of appetite.

tinytops Wed 01-Apr-15 16:31:22

Hi, can I rejoin? I dabbled in jan/feb but was then struck down by morning sickness and had to avoid thinking about food. Sounds like made in India was a hit! Will check it out. I don't have any Diana Henry but will look at the website

lbnblbnb Wed 01-Apr-15 16:47:33

Some of her recipes are here:

BrassicaBabe Wed 01-Apr-15 21:33:19

Hmm, struggling to let go of my MiI love still grin

glorious Fri 03-Apr-15 17:50:22

Ok so here's what we've cooked before from Roast figs, sugar snow.
Salad of pear, hazelnut and Cashel blue
Roast squash salad with lentils and goat's cheese. Much nicer than it looks.
Swedish Thursday soup
Romania bean, smoked bacon soup. This is absolutely amazing
smoked haddock and leek risotto. This really works though you wouldn't expect it to.
gin and juniper cured salmon. Worth the wait but even better with a bit of beetroot as well

This week we'll do
Roasted spare rib chops and
honeyed duck from roast figs

And pancakes with date and pecan from a change of appetite.

glorious Fri 03-Apr-15 19:25:44

Oh and chicken shawarma as well

piebald Fri 03-Apr-15 20:07:48

For anyone who has an interest in making pickles or preserving food in any way i highly recommend Salt, sugar, smoke. It is a fascinating book with lovely recipes. I have just today made a batch of hot mango chutney, it is fresh and zippy with lime juice

couldntbebothered Fri 03-Apr-15 20:27:15

I don't have any of her books but will have a look at the recipes online. Also still addicted to made in India!

glorious Mon 06-Apr-15 09:20:19

Did the roasted spare rib chops with pears, onions and melting gorgonzola from Roast figs, sugar snow last night. The pears took on a lovely flavour and the combination was great but somehow it didn't come together as one thing iyswim.

Pantah630 Mon 06-Apr-15 15:28:37

We had chicken with thyme and lemon and garlic smashed potatoes for lunch, very easy, very tasty and flavours I do normally so what's not to love. coconut fish curry last night, still stuck in MiI mode

glorious Wed 08-Apr-15 07:25:09

Did chicken shawarma from A change of appetite last night. It was very tasty though needed a lot of seasoning and DH tells me it was a bit of a faff For a weeknight. The chickpea puree wasn't the most attractive but it was tasty and the pomegranate really lightened things up. And what's not to like about griddled chicken.

pregnantpause Sun 12-Apr-15 18:42:11

I've made two meals from change of appetite this weekend - cod and saffron cous cous- this was very nice, the pistachios were a lovely additional texture. It was very pretty and light ( and very low calorie too)

The Peruvian chicken soup- this was very nice, though unusual, potatoes with chilli, spring onion and coriander in ginger garlic broth, are not a combination I love - I'd omit the potatoes and use egg or rice noodles next time. The eggs were very nice in the soup, which I didn't expect. Looking forward to the leftovers ( and again a very low calorie dinner)

glorious Sun 12-Apr-15 21:35:04

Mile High buttermilk pancakes with date and pecan butter from Roast figs were amazing. Very fluffy with whisked up egg whites and tangy from buttermilk. Next time I'd whizz the butter up instead of just chopping the dates and pecans.

Pantah630 Fri 17-Apr-15 20:15:08

Paprika roast chicken with caraway potatoes tonight, very tasty. Served with carrots, shallots, celery and fennel cooked around the chicken with a little stock, pougari (cypriot bulgar/vermicelli/bacon) and sautéed pak choi in caraway and lime.

TwoLittleTerrors Sat 18-Apr-15 20:20:04

I'm back home and ready to do some cooking. And I've ordered yet another cookbook. I found Polpo 50% off at Foyles (£12.50). Couldn't resist hmm. Hopefully DH won't notice the appearance of yet another cookbook. A lot of my new purchases are e-books so they are well hidden grin.

I made the feta and orange and honeyed almonds salad from a change of appetite. It's very good. DH commented on how delicious the almonds were.

Basically, it's a salad with orange, fennel, watercress, feta, mint and honeyed almond. You made the almond by toasting it with oil, honey, paprika and cumin. Dressing is vinegar, orange juice, olive oil, honey and thyme. All very simple but oh so good.

TwoLittleTerrors Sat 18-Apr-15 20:28:28

While I was adding a note on the salad on EYB, I noticed the salad recipe is online. So here it is

glorious Sat 18-Apr-15 21:23:56

Mmm that sounds good.

We have polpo. Good book and under used here.

Haywire Sun 19-Apr-15 17:09:16

Hello all have been crazy busy this month easter hols we were on holiday and then three lots of visitors so no time for trying new recipes. have made a few favourites from made in India and MWTE though.

love the sound of the salad TwolittleTerrors will try and look at Diana Henry books tonight and choose a few to try. Ugh have to sew on 4 beaver uniform badges first though.

TwoLittleTerrors Sun 19-Apr-15 20:43:24

Another Diana Henry night. I somehow ended up only half following her instructions. The plan originally was to make the Pacific Lime Chicken (link) from Cook Simple. I have made this many times, and we usually eat it with rice and a simple stir fried veg. It's a lovely sticky, sweet and sour marinade/sauce for roast chicken. However I didn't have enough honey at home.

Flicking through Cook Simple, I found a replacement roast chicken recipe. It's chicken baked with sweet potato, smoked paprika, olives and pickled lemons. The marinade is simply olive oil, smoked paprika, crushed garlic, flesh of preserved lemons and juice from the preserved lemons. Toss with sweet potatoes and red onions and bake for 45min. About 15min before finish, add olives. Add some chopped herbs before serving. With baby brain, I ended up forgetting the olives and herbs. I wouldn't say this is a new favourite, but it's pleasant enough and super easy. I will make this again but use more preserved lemons. (This is under variations to chicken baked with red onions, potatoes and rosemary if you are looking for it in the book).

I served the chicken with tenderstem broccoli cooked using a recipe under 'broccoli, second helpings' in a change of appetite. I also ended up failing to follow as I couldn't find any parmesan in the fridge. This is just steamed broccoli, add little balls of ricotta, and shaved parmesan, drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice, season with salt and pepper. Very refreshing and very nice. I have never had tenderstem broccoli with ricotto but it somehow really works together.

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