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Cheese Flan??

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zephyrcat Thu 14-Sep-06 11:15:09

Something has just made me think about dinners I used to have at school and I remember that we used to get cheese flan to die for!!! I've never had it since, have no idea what's in it although from what I remember it was quite like quiche in texture, but hot. Does anyone know what I mean and/or havce a recipe?

kipper22 Thu 14-Sep-06 16:19:14

i know what you mean - my mouth is watering just thinking of it! no recipe but i'll watch with interest!

KJSW Thu 14-Sep-06 19:46:56

Cheese Flan
Serves 4.
200g Plain white flour
100g Hard vegetable fat
35mls Water
100mls Whole milk
3 Egg
100g mature cheddar
½ onion diced (optional)

1. Pre-heat an oven to 190*C.
2. Place the flour, margarine, lard, cheddar cheese and 2g of salt in to a food processor, and mix until they resemble fine bread crumbs. Then add a little of the water at a time until the mixture starts to come together and form a dough. Wrap the pastry in cling-film and place in the refrigerator to rest.
5. Beat the eggs and milk until the egg is mixed well.
6. Remove the pastry from the refrigerator and roll out on a floured surface until large enough to line a flan ring or the oven proof dish you are using.
7. Place the cheese (and onion) in to the bottom of the lined flan ring, and. Pour over the egg mixture until it reaches 0.5cm from the top of the flan ring.
8. Place in the oven for approximately 30-45 minutes, until the egg mixture is set and is golden brown.

Nemo1977 Thu 14-Sep-06 19:48:13

ohh how odd zephyrcat I posted about this yesterday just couldnt remember it was called cheese

MaloryTowersTheOriginal Thu 14-Sep-06 19:48:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zephyrcat Thu 14-Sep-06 19:51:45

OOH!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spooky Nemo!!! Everyone else I've ever asked about it just looks at me like I made it up lol

hypogal1986 Tue 07-Aug-07 13:08:28

Yummy cheese flan i've had cravings for it during my prgnancy and had such a problem finding a store that sells it already made!!! I have searched the supermarkes high and low all the top ones and none seem to sell it does anyone know where they sell it, i can't make one because i'm the worsist cook in history probs end up burning my house down or somthing i want a pre made one so ic an shove it in the oven and munch of it and think of school lol it'll satisfy my unborn baby's cravings for it too.



johnny456in Mon 04-Jun-12 16:21:25

Hi guys, I love aything baked with cheese. igot to try this recipe.

Check out this as well <a href=""> Easy cheese pie</a>

johnny456in Mon 04-Jun-12 16:22:20

Hi guys, I love aything baked with cheese. igot to try this recipe.

Check out this as well

sashh Wed 06-Jun-12 06:44:56


Buy chilled, ready folded pastry - all supermarkets sell it.

Then get (as KJSW)

100mls Whole milk
3 Eggs
100g mature cheddar (buy it ready grated)

You also need a flan tin - get a metal one with a removable bottom, or get tin foil ones you can throw away.

A metal oven tray

Turn the oven on

put the pastry over the tin - it will be far too big - pick op the edge in one hand and use the other to push the pastry into the edge of the tin. If you make a hole just get a bit of postry and patch it.

Continue until the pastry lines the tin - and cut of any excess pastry - if you truly are rotton cook thow this, if you want to be brave put it in a ball, wrap in cling film and put in the fridge to make jam tarts later.

Get a food processor / blender or a bowl and whisk.

Whusk/mix everything else and pour it into the pastry - don't over fill.

Put the flan on a tray and put it in the oven for 35 mins

After that you need to just prod the surface a bit - if it feels set it is done, if it feels like liquid leave for a few more minuites.

serin Sun 10-Jun-12 21:45:05

Our school made cheese and potato pie.

I have done my best to replicte it!

Pastry base
Filled with fairly sloppy mashed potato, with strong cheddar, beaten egg and onion folded into the mashed.
No pastry topping, baked open, (like a quiche) until golden on top.
Firms up in the oven and tastes delicious.

Rfawad Wed 14-Nov-12 23:54:34

What is hard vegetable fat??? May be a silly question but I can't use lard either that's what was confusing..... Hope someone can help, my son will only eat school made flan. Thanks will be wAiting.

PearlieQueen Wed 14-Nov-12 23:59:53

Trex is vegetable shortening, excellent for pastry smile

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