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Why can't i enjoy my kids anymore???

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Hermione1 Wed 29-Jun-05 19:57:24

Just recently i have really started to not enjoy my children, i don't know why, and feel really guilty for owning up to this. I miss them so much when they are at school but the minute they get back all i want to do is go to bed, and everything seems such hard work. I keep getting irritable with them for no reason, just kids being kids. I feel so terrible for treating them this way and feel so envious when i see mothers having so much fun with their children, I can't understand why i can't at the moment. Don't get me wrong i love my kids to pieces. Is it just me?? or does anyone else feel like this or has felt like this in their life???

Hermione1 Wed 29-Jun-05 20:02:51


Lonelymum Wed 29-Jun-05 20:03:37

I feel this way Hermione. I would love to give you a magic cure but I don't know of one. I spend ages wishing they would go away - sometimes I am screaming at them to go to bed so I can have some time to myself in the evening; I resent the fact that ds1 is older now and really should go to bed later (I send him at the same time as the others but let him read for a bit). I only know I love them when I leave them for a bit with dh to go out on my own, or on the rare occasions when they stay with grandparents. Then, I find it very sad to be leaving them and I look forward to seeing them again. Also, I feel proud of them. But day to day, I feel as irritable as you (more so maybe).

How old are your children?

Hermione1 Wed 29-Jun-05 20:05:03

boy 5 and girl 6.

I am so glad it's not just me? Do you try to make an effort? Because i feel i should do.

Lonelymum Wed 29-Jun-05 20:09:32

I don't make as much effort as I should. I keep thinking the answer is to throw myself into their world more - take them to the park, play their games etc. But mainly, I want them to get on with being kids without bothering me all the time. Not sure I should have admitted that.

Hermione1 Wed 29-Jun-05 20:11:47

I know how you feel, you feel you should be doing all these wonderful things but when it comes to it, well for me, i can't haven't got the patience to do it. i should spend more time with them, but feel i have to do everything in this house and so fed up of it. Maybe i have depression of some sort i dunno.

Lonelymum Wed 29-Jun-05 20:15:27

Not necessarily (depression) unless you feel down about other things too.

Maybe it is because your children have started school and that has given you a bit of freedom and you resent it when that freedom gets taken away. Do you work?

pleaserewind Wed 29-Jun-05 21:42:34

i am exactly the same and the thought of the summer holidays is not good

Hermione1 Wed 29-Jun-05 21:43:31

yeah i do work also. Lots of things have happened recently at home had problems with dh etc etc.

I just wanna enjoy them you knoe?

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