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hope2be Mon 20-Oct-08 01:13:25

I have severe anxiety when it comes to public speaking. I have a presentation I need to give in order to graduate in college. Put in this situation I will have a panic attack. My heart races, I can’t breathe, and my mind is whipped clear of thought. I am looking into taking a Beta Blocker (Inderal) I was wondering about the side effects, and if it works. Has anyone experienced panic disorders from public speaking? What did you do?

Skramble Mon 20-Oct-08 01:19:35

Practice speach in front of one person you trust, then perhaps a few more.

Have you tried all the things like not quite looking at anyone focus just to the side or top of heads.

Consentrate on the content of your presentation so it is spot on.

hope2be Mon 20-Oct-08 01:45:06

I have tried acupuncture, practicing my speech,thought control. I have no control over my physiological symptoms, it just happens. The only time I have panic attacks is speaking in front of a large crowd. I am just at a loss of why this happens and how to deal with it!

luvaduck Mon 20-Oct-08 14:53:13

go and speak to your gp - she may well prescribe a one off b blocker

jesuswhatnext Mon 20-Oct-08 16:18:34

hope2be - i have to speak publicly often, i am a horribly self-confident person, prberbly irritatingly so to others - however even i suffer nerves, jitters etc. one of the best strategies i have is to announce to my audience that i'm very nervous, you will find that in general people are kind, will amke allowances etc, they do not want you to fail, particuarly in an academic situation such as yours!

good luck.

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