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Anxiety attacks

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iamnotimpressed Thu 09-Oct-08 10:26:46

I had a run in with a so called friend a few weeks back and it ended with her being nasty down the phone. Our kids are at school together. Anyway, she made me cry and came over and apologised realising I had done nothing wrong. But ever since then she ignores me at school. I tried saying hi but she made it clear she didnt want to talk to me.
Any way I have suffered anxiety before but have never been this bad since a teen.
I cannot seem to stop shaking, my pulse is high and the worst bit is that I can not eat as I keep vomiting. I do not want this getting out of control and i am at my wits end.I am petite and really cannot afford to lose anymore weight.
i went to the docs and am waiting for counselling. Has anyone got any tips as to how to control the nausea?
i feel crap as my kids have noticed and dh is so worried, sorry for long post

costagirl Thu 09-Oct-08 11:36:11

Poor you, sounds awful. Didn't the GP give any advice re the vomiting? Waiting for counselling doesn't help you in the short term! If not, I'd go back and see GP (or a diffferent one) and ask for help with the eating/nausea. Haven't experienced this myself, so not much help, sorry. Hope another Mumsnetter can post more helpfully. Good luck.

iamnotimpressed Thu 09-Oct-08 14:20:10

Thank you smile

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