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What can help me get over fear of...

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MissisBoot Tue 19-Aug-08 19:47:04

having my coil removed?

Or to be more specific - internal examinations.

My coil is due to be removed in 6 months time and I've missed a cervical smear test.

Since having dd I'm really panicky about having internals - it literally makes me feel sick the thought of having anything done down there and I start to feel real anxious.

Has anyone had anything similar? Will my doc think I'm completely mad?

busymum1 Tue 19-Aug-08 21:37:51

dp left hers in seven half years due to this fear had hers out today bit uncomfortable having it removed but not painful was told today that she could have it under general anasthetic if she wants another one as doctor tried for 20mins and could not replace without her feeling discomfort however the more you can relax the easier it is. My advice would be to go and talk to them now express concerns see what advice they can offer

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