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12345678910 Mon 09-Jun-08 10:03:03

hi there anyone else on this?

do u find it hard to lose weight.overeat/undereat?

some days i feel great others i feel very snappy and exhausted not ideal with 2 kids one with sn

any advice

secretstars Mon 09-Jun-08 10:05:13

Hi there

and nice to meet you, well i have been taking this medication now for 3 weeks and to be honest for the past few days i have felt great and like my oldself again!

When i started to take it i did notice that my appetite did decrease and i did lose weight, i also felt dizzy and sick and too have a baby to look after 4 months old, how long have you been taking it for?

12345678910 Mon 09-Jun-08 10:15:13

only about 6 weeks secretstars

nice 2 meet u 2 x

i was on the prozax b4 briefly mind u and i was exhausted all the time taking it, i would like to come of this one but am not ready too much going on and i know that i am a nicer more relaxed person on them lol

hobbity Mon 09-Jun-08 12:30:15

I've been taking them about 3 1/2 weeks, felt rather tired at the start and a bit sick but that's all gone now and I feel much more under control again. No weight loss though - I was really hoping for that particular side effect too!

namechange789 Mon 09-Jun-08 14:43:54

Hi, I've thken citalopram for a few years now for chronic anxiety/depression. I felt really rough on them for about 6 weeks but then slowly started to feel better and now I feel great, have no side affects at all

angelwitch Thu 24-Jul-08 14:59:12

hi everyone,i have suffered for 12 years with anxiety and always tried to cope myself but lately thye have got worse due to a new relationship,moving house and the children moving schools and stuff, i got prescribed citalopram three days ago and hours after i took the first pill i noticed a change,the feeling of dread i got in my stomach before i got the attack was gone i felt weird but over the moon as that was the worste part of the anxiety. i had a feeling of hyper which was quite funny and i had the best sleep in years. i didnt expect the pills to work right away but i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. my appatite is not too good but i make myself eat as i know i have to, i cried on the second day as i saw that i was feeling much better and realised how silly i had been over the past few months with feelings of suicide and worthlessness, why i didnt go and talk to my doctor before this i dont know but im glad i did and im all for citalopram i think they are great for anxiety

disneystar Sun 27-Jul-08 20:33:39

hi all
ive just had a baby nearly 3 weeks ago and my doctor has said i have pnd and game me these meds
i have been terrible and still feel terrible i cant go out ive shut myself away i cry day and night i have lost 3 stone in 3 weeks i feel so desperate i wish i was dead rather than alive with these feelings
i have taken my first pill tonight and i came on here i feel better reading they do actually work mine is more anxiety than anything else i seem to be scared of everything and everyone
i need to know other people have had this that is does go away im dont like being alone

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