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It gets better, much much much better

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LubieLoo Sat 22-Jan-05 00:02:45


I don't look at Mumsnet very often - tut tut you say!

I check in occassionally to see if anyone is struggling with Pueperal psychosis (severe PND) as I suffered from this in 2003, really just to give a bit of hope.

Both Peuperal psychosis and PND are totally treatable and temporary and you do get over it - FULLY. I'm living testament, I have a great daughter who was totally worth the hell, a happy marriage and hold down a full time job - I'm totally back to the person I was and more! I recovered and so will you / yours.

Get some treatment, accept all offers of help and give it a bit of time (in my case vast improvement after 3 weeks gradual recover over 3 months)- it's all worth it in the end

Love to you if you are suffering, remember it's TEMPORARY.


JennyX Sat 22-Jan-05 03:02:22

Message withdrawn

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