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Phantom pregnancy

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mummatoapreemie Sun 16-Aug-20 22:35:58


Bit of a back story back in March I had a faint positive test that quickly when negative but I didn't have a period the whole of that month.

I've had irregular and also more bleeding than I usually have since March and some other weird things.

I've felt fetal movements, braxton hicks and my breasts are swollen my belly button is now starting to pop.

I know I'm not pregnant because I'm had an ultrasound for another issues.

But do you think I could be having a phantom pregnancy?

If so what do I do about it, do I need to speak to a doctor?

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whatacrazytime Sun 16-Aug-20 23:09:34

Have you had bleeding between periods? I would speak to the go about that and go from there x

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