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Scared to go out on my own

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ICSI Wed 05-Aug-20 11:33:45

I've always preferred to be with other people than on my own but over the last few years have started to really avoid going out anywhere on my own.

I'm even at the point where I don't walk to the shop around the corner on my own which I know seems so silly. I usually wait for my husband to be able to come with me and then I'm absolutely fine.

The weird thing is that I'm much more confident in other ways than I used to be. I have a good career and am confident in work and speaking to other people. There are also certain places I feel comfortable like the supermarket or shops in town. But when it comes to walking somewhere with less people I feel really panicky and find it hard to breathe steadily.

After talking to friends and other people it's made me realise how much more I worry about this than most people are! I'm not sure what to do? Has anyone else experienced anything similar and found a way to get over it?

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