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Citalopram not working, advised to take PAROXETINE..

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Mojomummy Mon 24-Sep-07 21:24:39

..however, am put off by the side effects.

I'm not really depressed, more suffering from a bad case of anxiety. The citalopram hasn't really made any difference, so dr has prescribed me this (am still BF)

Does anyone here take it or taken it ? if so, how are you finding it ? any problems ?

Any info will be appreciated, because I am collecting them tomorrow.

resigned Mon 24-Sep-07 22:35:25

I know someone who has been on Paroxetine for years. It is Seroxat as you probably know. He suffers from extreme anxiety and it works very well for him in this sense. But he does have ongoing problems with diarrhoea and upset stomach because of it. Also, he gets very bad withdrawal symptoms if he stops taking it (v. bad anxiety comes back and electric-shock type sensation in his head). He has also had some sexual disfunction but not bad and not all the time and he is a man obviously. Lastly, he is a bit detached emotionally when taking it.

Sorry not to be more encouraging but I think this drug does work well for some people but I wouldn't go on it unless you are really suffering badly and you've tried everything else. He was first prescibed it about ten years ago but this antidepressant has become a lot more controversial in the last few years due to bad press. There was a Panorama programme about it a few years ago - do a search on the BBC web site. Your GP will no doubt be aware of this and you can discuss it with him/her.

TotalChaos Mon 24-Sep-07 22:43:05

I've taken it, found it very useful and thankfully didn't have problems coming off it - but it does tend to be difficult to come off (has a shorter half life than most other modern ADs) Also I found if I didn't take it at the same time each day I would feel dizzy. I would say speak to GP, ask why he feels it's more appropriate than any of hte other ADs you haven't tried yet.

resigned Mon 24-Sep-07 23:06:09

Seroxat user group web site:

Mojomummy Tue 25-Sep-07 00:05:05

thanks. Just confirming what I thought..

Not sure what to do really, have a week left of the citalopram, so this will be my 6th week. Would have thought if it was going to do anything, it would have at least made a little difference by now.

This was her 2nd choice of alternative AD, because I am BF ( dd2 is 14mths now).

BBBee Tue 25-Sep-07 00:15:28

I know someoen who is on it and can't give it up. He wishes he had never started taking it.

fihi Tue 25-Sep-07 00:16:23

citalopram didn't work for me either. Got sertraline instead whilst BF. sorry don't kno much about paroxetine, DH had it but we can't remember much (!) so presumably it didn't cause probs. Hope something helps u soon.

pooter Tue 25-Sep-07 02:48:55

Hi Mojomummy,
Ive been on paroxetine for YEARS - about 5 i think. It has been a godsend. I now only take half a tablet a day (10mg) for depression, and i have never experienced any side effects.

I conceived, gave birth and am still BF whilst on this dose - i saw a specialist at the hospital to allay my fears.

The only bad thing i can say about it is the withdrawal. I too get the electric shock type feelings if i run out of tablets or decide i dont need them anymore, and it is a big problem. You can get it in a liquid form which is easier to cut down the dosage (after halfing the tablets they crumble when you try to quarter them!) but you do need a doctor that knows her stuff - ive been given very conflicting advice in the past.

good luck - i hope you find something that works for you xx

looneytune Tue 25-Sep-07 19:09:13

Hiya mate, not read through thread, just did search to see if you were on here so I could let you know that emails to you are rejecting

Catch up soon {{{ hugs }}}

LT x

dustystar Tue 25-Sep-07 19:13:52

Citalopram didn't work well for me either and my GP put me on Venlaflaxine which was great. I had depression and anxiety and it worked really well for me - no side effects and no withdrawal. I've not had any experience of paroxetine.

Mojomummy Wed 26-Sep-07 16:16:04

decided not to collect the prescription afterall & have made an appointment with a different dr to see what she has to offer.

Thanks for the comments, I didn't like the sound of it & I guess I was hoping there might be a few more positive & withdrawal free stories.

Hopefully I'll get something else tomorrow.

looneytune Wed 26-Sep-07 16:20:13

Oh, good timing......hope you're you know why you're not getting my emails???

Mojomummy Thu 27-Sep-07 21:40:48

Went to the dr today & she has suggested upping my does of citalopram, from 20mg, to 30g, seeing how I feel after 10 days, then probably upping it to 40mg.

LT - didn't know I was regretting your mails ? wonder what is going on there ?

elliemac Thu 27-Sep-07 21:57:07

I've just been given citalopram for anxiety. Just happened to read this thread. Anyone got any advice. Have heard so many horror stories that the thought of it is making me more anxious.

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 27-Sep-07 22:08:55

mojomummy, i haven't any experience really of seroxat, as I only took one tablet before my prescription was changed, but fwiw I was advised that sertraline was the most appropriate AD for BFing.

I was on fluoxetine for AND, but after DD was born the hospital (post natal ward) said not indicated for BFing and prescribed me paroxetine, as their drug of choice. Because of my anxiety I had a referral to the neo natal mother and baby unit at the local psychiatric hospital, which coincided with my first day of taking the paroxetine (i was advised to leave a week between drugs).

My consultant there said that their drug of choice for BFing was the sertraline. I've been on that for 16 weeks now.

Mojomummy Fri 28-Sep-07 10:49:05

Elliemac, I don't think there are any horror stories for citalopram ? Apparently it takes at least 10 days for a difference & if you don't feel better then go back to the drs.

Daisy, that's interesting that you were given sertraline. When I said I was BF, the response is, Oh that makes it complicated !

I will have a read of sertraline. Are you feeling better ?

Threadworm Fri 28-Sep-07 10:52:11

I took this for quite a long time. Was more effective than any other AD I've had. (Though people all vary as to which works best for them.)
I use a different AD now because my current GP prefers not to prescribe it. He would prescribe it if I asked him to, I just haven't got round to it!
I think the risks of it over and above other ADs are small and I wouldn't hesitate to use it myself.

Importantly, the best aspect of it for me was anxiety reduction -- it reduced my social anxiety

Threadworm Fri 28-Sep-07 10:53:50

Re withdrawal, I certainly haven't found that seroxat is harder to withdraw from than other ADs

looneytune Fri 28-Sep-07 12:26:32 save me interupting your thread, just to let you know I'll facebook you later as you'll get that message - you may however not get the email informing you I've sent it iyswim

swissmiss Fri 28-Sep-07 12:35:31

Mojo, Like fihi and daisy I'm another one who was prescribed Sertraline (for PND) whilst BF as it was the "preferred" choice.
I'm just reducing my doseage now as we want to try for #3. Hope you find one that works for you.

Mojomummy Thu 04-Oct-07 19:22:21

Today, a week after increasing my dose to 30mg, I am feeling lifted/lighter/zingy, yippee !

Still anxious about doing things out of the ordinary, but boy, I feel better smile

resigned Thu 04-Oct-07 20:16:25

That's great Mojo. Glad you're feeling a lot better. smile

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