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I'm breaking

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kaz86 Wed 13-Jun-18 11:23:56

I literally just can't carry on faking it any more pretending be be happy, keeping going. Im struggling so my much, my partner doesn't get it, he does not see bringing up 3 kids, 2 with disabilities and doing all the chores even cutting grass cleaning cars etc is work, he will wash up and help with the kids but I'm doing stuff too, I wouldn't be allowed to just sit and chill while he does any thing. He comes up with go weekly shopping now to have a break. Moans about work, I would love to be at work, I see no one, don't actually have time (I have to do all jobs in the school day as I can't leave my son), never no thanks, I'm so so bored, literally the kids see nothing I do, all they do is push and argue with me, nothing is fun. For my partner to do a little bit of wallpapering I have to do every thing else. Then I get everyone commenting on how lucky I am to have him. My youngest don't sleep. I literally just feel pointless right now, I spend my day cooking cleaning house work for what! To do it again the next. Sorry I just needed to rant. I didn't know where to do it 😭😭.

kaz86 Wed 13-Jun-18 12:03:32

To drive me even more mental, just saw yesterday was the first time he had to put the kids sand pit cover on he never done it, now it's blown off, what annoys me is I made it! His reply oh well I'm crap. 😡

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