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Advice please on propranolol for anxiety/ panic attacks

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RupertBear15 Thu 07-Jun-18 04:31:52

Hi everyone - I’m looking for any advice or experiences that others have had taking propranolol for anxiety. I have propabaly sufferedfrom anxiety and Suicidal OCD tendencies since childhood. I’m 46 now and want to look at having cbt treatment either privately or on the NHS or s bit of both. I discussed my issues with the doctor and my dreadful panic attacks ; my crippling travel anxiety for example and suicidal intrusive thoughts that I get when up high, as a passenger on motorways and boats. It has got worse since being a stay at home for 15 years with no family support ( apart from my DH) or friend’s as we have moved from London to Kent to a small rather insular town. I have bend prescribed propranolol and only a low dose -10mg to be taken 3 times a day. I have taken it and it’s like tic tacs- no effect whatsoever and I’m terrified of the effect on my heart. I don’t have a heart condition and these meds havd made me more nervous and glittery. I’ve only taken three. I don’t suffer the “odd” moment of anxiety or performance fear that this drug is usually prescribed for! I have such bad anxiety that I am constantly dizzy with body jerks, my right arm goes numb and I even developed sciatica after 20 years of chronic back pain from an old injury that turns out is 80-90 percent tension related.

The doctor didn’t refer back to any of this when looking at my notes and I’m really concerned about this drug. I have a hernia and muscle separation from pregnancy from a long time ago and need major reconstructive surgery but after NHS blunders that nearly meant I and my son almost died , I’m too frightened to go back to the operating table and so live with my disfigurement that means I can’t work full time as a teacher, I can only do part time work at the moment teaching adults.

Weight gain is an issue for me. I’m really worried about it considering I’m middle aged, a good size 16 from multiple pregnancy, my herniatiom plus facing menopause. At the moment, I’ve stopped taking them and want to either try something else that tackles the emotional side of my anxiety or just use the natural methods I already do such as Bach’s Flowers. My OCD and panic are is the biggest issues I face , I am hoping cbt will help me cope with it better than I do at the moment.

Sorry, a long post! I just would like to hear other’s experiences, This drug scares the bejeesus out of me and it has no effect on me ! It’s created no end of tension at the moment; ironically I’ve been awake worrying about my heart and the dreadful side effects- yikes.

I think I’ll either ask for something else or just stop taking them and have more wine ! I dunno, I don’t think this drug will suit me; I can cope with the physical somatic symptoms of my panic, but not the emotional ones such as my total fear in certain situations and my intrusive thoughts. This med will not stop those! I am surprised she gave me this considering I explained my life long history of crippling anxiety which I have finally recognised needs proper treatment for. I make my family’s life he do I want help now but beta blockers? I’m sceptical ! Not surprised the drug is not effective at this dose either; I have been very anxious all my life so huge amounts of adrenaline pumping round me since I was a young girl!

What have other people experienced? Is polrppranolol a good drug for you? Please let me know how you felt being on it and the side effects. Any advice much appreciated x

FrolickingForklift Thu 07-Jun-18 04:48:49

Morning. I'm on propranolol, persevere with it, it'll take a little while to see any effect.

I found that it helped with the physical aspects of my anxiety, took the edge off the racing heart etc. Not every drug works for everyone but your dr wouldn't prescribe anything they didn't think would help.

Keep going & review with your doctor in a few weeks xxx

SimplySteve Thu 07-Jun-18 04:52:20

Morning. I take propanol for,high blood pressure. I also suffer from PTSD, and the propanol has done nothing for me in terms of reducing panic attacks, freeEs etc.

SimplySteve Thu 07-Jun-18 04:56:32

Forgot to add, I take 160mg of propanol a day.

ForSaleChesterDraws Thu 07-Jun-18 08:06:17

Have you googled iapt in your area? Many places take self-referrals rather than needing your GP to refer you. Propranolol will treat the symptoms of anxiety rather than the cause. If you want a private therapist look for somebody who is BABCP registered.

Longlunch Thu 07-Jun-18 10:00:10

I suffer with anxiety and panic

I take propanalol 20 mg twice a day and works for me, it takes a few days to make effect.
I was on 10 mg and was not enough.

Years back I was on 40 mg twice a day, and even three times a day, when I was very affected by anxiety was the dose that worked for me. I mean I was really affected... not leaving the house for days.
That took the edge out and I was able to go to therapy and then I was back to my normal self and no medication or theraphy for a few years.
Recently I have suffered a small set back, not as bad as years back so I am in this dose, twice a day 20 mg. It does work for me, makes me a bit tired, but I was exhausted anyway with the anxiety and panic so I do not think is worse than the alternative!
But do theraphy alongside
Hope you feel better

HollowTalk Thu 07-Jun-18 10:01:21

It took 3 weeks to work with me and it was fantastic. Stick with it!

LuxuryTime Thu 07-Jun-18 10:13:02

I’ve just weened myself off it. I was put on it in August last year and as far as I could tell it did nothing for me. Although I did put on a stone!

charliedog1 Fri 08-Jun-18 21:39:21

My son has propanal for his anxiety. They helped with his fast heart rate and panic attacks, but he still feels sick, has stomach pains and bad thoughts. His doctor has now percribed him citalopram which hes going to start tommrow!

YuleABUnREASTIEable Wed 13-Jun-18 21:22:16

Hi Rupert, think I recognise you from the school gates mum thread and wondering if I live in the same place in Kent you do or we just both live in Kent with similar experience of some school gate mums!

I’m not on your drug but could you see another gp at yOur surgery to get them to check about your history to make sure it’s the right drug choice? I think the amount of anxiety it’s giving you isn’t really very helpful to helping you and makes it harder to see what effect it’s having on you. If they didn’t check the history and you are worried about issues it’s definitely worth checking with them if only for your peace of mind. It might even be something you could ring in about or email them for them to get back to you if you didn’t want to go to the surgery.

FWIW weight gain as a side effect doesn’t mean you’ll automatically gain weight. I’m the type of person to gain weight from sniffing a crumb of cake and when I started on citalopram I was really scared of weight gain but I actually lost a stone in the first month of taking it shock .

Best of luck with everything, I suffer from at times very acute anxiety and life can be hard.

thesnapandfartisinfallible Sat 16-Jun-18 21:15:38

That's a tiny dose, I'd go back and ask for stronger tbh. I take 40mg 3 times per day with no ill effect but I have to be careful with exercise as my heart rate doesn't go up like it should on that dose and I faint. They won't hurt you though. 20mg is a more normal dose ime.

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