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Does anyone else have intrusive thoughts of LO?

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NewmumtoBlue Tue 06-Feb-18 22:59:23

Hey, I’m a first time mum and new to these threads but my CBT suggested to have a look and to speak with other parents who are maybe going through the same thing. My beautiful baby is 5 months old, his my first and I count myself very lucky as from 4 weeks he’s been a real good sleeper and a very contented baby who has gave me so much joy, love and to begin with a new burst of life. But with all this love has come fear, fear that something awful will happen to him. I feel this way every day and night, I’ve even had to stop reading the news because all of these reports of all these poor babies, children and animals being abused or murdered drove me insane as I kept imaging that it was my baby with intrusive thoughts that randomly pop into my head that I have to hit myself to stop them. What ways do other parents cope with these thoughts?

batfestival Tue 06-Feb-18 23:53:39

I'm a new Mum too but haven't had this about my LO. However I've had anxiety since childhood about my family and used to get these kinds of intrusive thoughts. Horrible mental images etc. The more loved I felt the worse it would be, so Christmas, birthdays etc. I think it's that vulnerability almost, thinking of how much you have to lose?

I found CBT and counselling really helped. It's so natural to feel protective and scared but anxiety can send that into overdrive I guess.

NewmumtoBlue Wed 07-Feb-18 11:53:46

Your definitely right about the vulnerability, for me I find it truly heartbreaking to know that my LO is vulnerable to everything even as he grows up I’m thinking about bullying, will he make friends and what sort of person will he grow to be. I know I’m thinking way too far ahead and I try to take each day as it comes but like you said it’s natural to feel protective I’m just trying to find that balance. How are you finding it being a new mum?!

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