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How do I help her

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terrorinthenighttime Fri 20-Oct-17 12:10:27

This is a long one as I don’t want to drip feed.
I’ve become friends with a local mom. We have kids the same age and see each other daily for tea and the kids play. We go round to each other’s homes or out etc.
I know she suffers with panic attacks and anxiety. I know she has been having money issues and I’ve put her in touch with companies who will help.
She was late coming over today and when she turned up she was in a state. From what I’ve managed to get out of her is that the following happened.
A member of the rent team knocked on her door two days ago. She was having a bad day and answers the door with baby screaming in her arms. She started to panick and slammed the door. When she tried to explain what was happening the woman left and told her to call their office. This morning she had a call from Child Protective Services. She is now terrified to go home as she is afraid they’re going to take her kids and her home.
How do I help her overcome this fear.

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