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Was this a panic attack?

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kennycat Sat 08-Jul-17 21:22:39

I'm new on this board but am starting to think I need to be on it.
I had a weird episode this morning, and had an identical one three weeks ago triggered by exactly the same scenario.

I was going to cycle to the train station to get a train to a bigger city to go to the theatre.

I get on bike then decide that I can't do this, flap about a bit, get bike back in garage then go in house and have a mad stamping, hyperventilating, crying episode before husband tells me to drive to the station or he will drive me. Both times it's taken a good half hour to drag me down from the ceiling, including me deciding that my outfit is unsuitable so rip it off and change.

Wtf is wrong with me?

I think maybe the bike is scaring me. I've not ridden one since before having children and think the idea might terrify me.
Am I scared of going on a train now?
Is the big city worrying me?
Is the theatre worrying me?

Today being the second occurrence really frightened me. I'm wondering what to do about it. I don't want to never go to the theatre in the city again but can't deal with this reaction many more times. It's completely exhausting apart from anything.

Anyone help me get through what I hope is a phase?

user1498911470 Mon 10-Jul-17 03:28:30

Yes, it sounds like it.

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