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Voices in my head telling me I'm no good

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slinkymolinki Tue 13-Jun-17 20:32:54

I feel so low. I have a voice/negative thoughts in my head (my voice) which tells me I'm no good. It's always to do with work. I feel anxious and low a lot of the time (then I have a few days of feeling ok) but then something will happen at work and that voice is there telling me I'm a fraud, overpaid, useless, no good, stupid etc..

I then feel low for a bit - don't want to go out, can't even face a walk to get a pint of milk because I don't want to see people, have no energy and cry/feel hopeless and want to sleep a lot/hide away from the world. Then I start to feel better for a bit but something will happen and the whole cycle starts again.

I don't know what to do - except comfort eat which is making me fat and feel awful too xx

RedastheRose Tue 13-Jun-17 21:11:54

It sounds like you are depressed, please go and see your gp and tell her/him exactly what you've said here. You may need medication to help you in the short term but also ask for a referral for counselling as that will address the cause. In the meantime can you do any exercise that you like and enjoy (swimming, running, gym)? Exercising really helps improve your mood and can help you sleep more deeply and more restfully which in turn helps you feel more positive.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Tue 13-Jun-17 22:01:08

Definately see your GP, they will be able to help. The fact that you know that this is your voice/thoughts is generally a good thing and I don't think would be considered an auditory halucination (hearing voices). Your GP will have heard it all before so don't worry.

slinkymolinki Wed 14-Jun-17 07:18:59

Thank you. I think I will go and see my GP. Xx

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