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Help with how to deal with a situation

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Mumoftwo1 Tue 16-May-17 17:41:49

Hi all,

First time poster looking for some friendly advice.

I started a new job in January where all seemed to be fine up until around 8 weeks ago when one of the girls there completely turned on me and alienated me. Wouldn't include me in any of the conversations, when she had to speak to me it was really abrupt and short, basically just making my time at work really difficult to the point I would go to my car and cry.

There are 4 of us in a small cabin, the other 2 would speak to me and include me in conversation sometimes.

The other lady for some reason started to speak to me again a few weeks back and made my work life bareable again until this week.

Everytime I left the cabin I would hear them talking and as soon as walked back in they would go quiet so I obviously knew they were talking about me.
So I decided to record them on my phone and went out for a quick break.

I listened to it when I got home and they were brutal. Talking about me, just being really mean and judgemental about everything I did and even about me and my partner. He is currently working away for 2 weeks and they stated no wonder he worked away as he didn't want to come home to me.

The main one who started the whole conversation is the one who gave me the the silent treatment.

Now I have 2 choices, confront them or just let it go. There is no where for me to move to as the other office/cabin is full its a really clicky family run company so I doubt I will get any joy from management.

What would you all do? Just need some friendly advice please.

NolongerAnxiousCarer Tue 16-May-17 19:50:12

I would take your concerns to management, ask do they have a policy for dealing bullying. Do they have a personel department as that would be my next port of call. Look up constructive dismissal, I have a feeling that if the failed to tackle the bullying and you left as a result you could sue the company for constructive dismissal but I'm no expert. Citing this if they are reluctant to get involved might motivate them.

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