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Think I might have PND?

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Timeforbedithink Fri 17-Feb-17 07:05:26

Have been a bit up and down for a while, really, but is has really ramped up the past week or so. Baby is almost 5 months. It's more anxiety than depression, I was obsessing about worrying I'd get sick and not be able to car

Timeforbedithink Fri 17-Feb-17 07:08:37

(Sorry, hit post too soon!) worried about nut being able to care for them. So I've got myself to the point of accepting I need to see GP and the health visitor is coming over on Monday. The problem is my husband is away for work and my family are aware any meds might make me feel worse before better. Should I try to find a temporary nanny till husband is back? It's not possible for him to return early in his line of work. Or should I ask family to fly over? Would I be able to care fir my toddler and baby while these meds settle?

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