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DS19 anxiety.

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Dinnafash Sat 21-Jan-17 07:40:50

Just need to offload really as I'm finding it tough watching ds go through this.
He had this briefly about 5 years ago but overcame it with support from school and family. Didn't have any medical help then.
He's been suffering panic attacks again recently and has been feeling really anxious. He couldn't leave the house one day this week to go to work so I managed to get him to see GP who diagnosed anxiety. We're going to arrange CBT for him and he's started taking Sertraline. Those have made him feel pretty ill since starting them. But he wasn't feeling so nauseous yesterday so hopefully they're settling down now.
A big part of his anxiety is social. He had a panic attack when out with friends so is now worried about going to places there are a lot of people. He did manage to go out with friends yesterday for an hour but nowhere busy. But he had to take a beta blocker whilst out as he could feel the panic rising. I'm worried he's going to rely on them too much though.
To top it all he's just about to be made redundant so he's facing having to apply for a new job whilst his mental health is so low. I'm not sure he'd cope with interview and the possibility of a new workplace at the moment.
Has anyone's dc been through this and come out the other side?
I just want him back to how happy and confident he used to be.

AnxiousCarer Sat 21-Jan-17 18:05:10

It sounds like he is getting the right support, it will take time for the medication to kick in and hopefully the cbt will help too. For now I think he needs time. He could speak to the GP about a sick note which may then entitle him to ESA ( previously SSP) to take the financial pressure of finding another job off him whilst he gets treatment for the anxiety. DHs been in a similar situation with a contract ending whilst he was unwell and needed to take a few months out before being ready to start applying for jobs again.

snozzlemaid Sat 21-Jan-17 18:30:29

Thanks. That's something to think about if he isn't up to applying for jobs just yet.
The annoying thing is there is a really good apprenticeship available that would be perfect for him. The job he has now started as an apprenticeship and he would be happy to do one again to get further qualifications. He's keen to apply but I worry if he's up to that sort of stress at the moment.

Dinnafash Sat 21-Jan-17 18:32:00

Name change fail there. Was trying to keep this anon, but oh well!

AnxiousCarer Sun 22-Jan-17 00:14:00

Its tough but he is only 19 and there will be more apprenticeships if he's not ready for this one. There are 2 types of ESA, 1 is contribution based so will depend on how much NI he has contributed to if he is entitled. The other is based on household income, so we are not entitled and I don't know the ins and outs, but I susspect if its like job seekers that parental income wouldn't be counted if he's still living at home.

Aspiringcatlady Sun 22-Jan-17 00:18:42

I suffer from anxiety, I think he seems to be getting the right support at the moment, but anxiety takes time to overcome. When I am feeling partially low or anxious, the best thing for me is to give me time to do things in my own way, and not out pressure on me. All I can suggest is to continue being his support and give him time to get back into a good place. Medication can take a while to kick in and start working but once it does its amazing how it can turn your life around.

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