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Need your advice!

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Figamol Mon 16-Jan-17 19:08:05

Last year I suffered a quite bad depression which started with anxiety. I'd never 'knowingly' suffered from this before although I recognise now I probabaly have (not as bad as 2016) but didnt realise. I got great CBT treatment and was put on 40mg Citalopram.

I'm feeling positive though - I went back to work full time, my 3 kids are without drama, one of them is autistic and getting the all help he needs (not an easy process!). I feel ready to make a change. I put on 12kg in one year with the anti-depressants, which causes a whole lot of self esteem issues in itself.

I have been eating healthy for 3 weeks, no processed sugar or food, and have takena personal trainer 3 times a week. I'm sleeping better and am not using sleeping pills the doctor has prescribed, although I'm still not getting as much as I would like.

I also lowered my dose myself to 20mg Citalopram. There's the problem, I feeling very anxious although positive I can get through it. The main problem is my husband booked a long haul trip for a week next month. Most people would be delighted right? I'm going round every room and cleaning out every drawer and cupboard. Im not joking. I'm serious about preparing for the worst happening (I hate flying). Im getting tired and teary from all the organising and thinking about who to leave the children to etc.

Is this anxiety going off the scale. Can it manifest in slightly OCD behaviour? I havent been to the therapist in a while, but would you make contact or would you think I'm overreacting? On the whole I'm functioning well again, but if you were me would you seek help, or would you have faith in yourself you'll get through it?

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Mon 16-Jan-17 22:49:55

I have been through the self management and reducing citralopram. It was about eight years ago now so I don't remember the details very well. Sorry about that.. Do remember that it takes time to work through yur system and your body to adjuct to different serotonin levels. By next month you will be feeling different to now.

As to your central question, do you see your therapist? Obviously I can't give you a. recommendation but can observe that you seem to be very self aware. Of itself that is a good management tool. It won't take away any anxeity but will help you recognise it and fromthere you can stqrt to deal with it.

AnxiousCarer Tue 17-Jan-17 17:31:55

It sounds like you are doing great, I think the fact you are considering seeing your therapist again may well be a sign to you that that is what you need. Maybe a tune up of your cbt techneques would help you deal with the challenges.

languagelearner Tue 17-Jan-17 19:27:01

If it's the flying, I happened to notice British Airways has put out some good videos how to cope with a fear of flying, on YouTube. You'll probably be through it on your own, I think. Are you both going on that trip? Where to (just curious)?

sniffle12 Thu 19-Jan-17 23:04:57

Even though my anxiety is quite well-managed now, I think it must only be well-managed within my comfort zone as I also freak out about holidays to the extent where it spoils them.

We recently went to America, my first time leaving Europe. I was on edge for weeks before worrying about everything: forgetting to pack something, forgetting the passports, being late for the flight, not being allowed in the country, doing something wrong in America, not feeling welcome/fitting in, and of course that general sense of dread/mortality that comes with flying/travelling/unknown places.

So I think sometimes our level of anxiety inside and outside of our comfort zone are very different things, and even though it might be controlled in everyday life, perhaps you are struggling because this is a big step outside of that.

If you google travel anxiety it is a very widespread problem and there are lots of good articles and tips which might give you a starting point so that you can look forward to and enjoy your holiday.

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