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Sertraline side effects :(

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Bhxlady Thu 15-Dec-16 21:22:30

I've been taking sertraline for 3 days now and the side effects have quite bad. I have been feeling very spaced and my concentration has been awful! I know my body just needs to get used to the tablets but just wondered how long I can expect the side effects to last! Thanks

froglou Fri 16-Dec-16 15:18:33

They should go away after a maximum of 4 weeks but I only had this for two the first time and one the second time I went onto it. You should also take it after eating as well other wise it will make you sick.

Littlemissanxietyandocd Fri 16-Dec-16 17:04:43

Thanks I was feeling very sick first thing this morning but seems to have subsided now am going to try taking them at night now as seen a few people say it's better to help with the side effects

Unrequitedlove Sat 17-Dec-16 09:59:49

I just started sertraline yesterday 100mg. Fingers crossed it works for us!
I've been low after a relationship split and just general juggling as a single parent. Memory bad, feeling anxious/choked, not being able to think clearly etc

froglou Sat 17-Dec-16 10:25:32

Are you going straight onto 100mg, I was weaned onto it over 2 weeks to lessen side effects?

Unrequitedlove Sat 17-Dec-16 11:15:59

Frog-yes.. i ran out of 50 so been off for a few weeks.. I've taken 2 one yesterday, one today and sickness is kicking in..

froglou Sat 17-Dec-16 17:36:28

I used to cut mine in half after I missed a couple days couldn't bear the sickness! Although the withdrawal when I came off them a couple months ago was even more horrific!!

Littlemissanxietyandocd Sat 17-Dec-16 18:33:40

I'm really struggling today I feel so sick and really really dizzy I've not moved off the sofa since this morning. Is there any difference in the time of day you take the dose? I've been tending to take it in the morning as part of my morning routine but considering taking it at bed time so can hopefully sleep through the worse of the side effects

froglou Sat 17-Dec-16 18:49:27

I took it well after breakfast but before lunch, the sickness will settle down

Littlemissanxietyandocd Sat 17-Dec-16 18:53:57

Thanks I'm just glad I've only got a couple of days left ato work my sure how much longer I can pretend I'm concentrating lol

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