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Ton wonder...

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Seekingadvice123 Sat 26-Nov-16 22:26:03

..... if anyone has reached he point of enough if enough and the daily pain is too much to bear..... have you felt that life is done?

AnxiousCarer Sun 27-Nov-16 09:54:44

Yes I reached that point 13 years ago, but with support from my GP, medication and councelling I got through it and you can too. I have never been that low again since and now have a happy and sucessful life.

Its a scary black place to be in, remind yourself that all things pass and this will too. You can contact samaritans on 116 123 or email for a listening ear. If you are worried about keeping yourself safe you can go to A&E and they will help you stay safe, you can also contact your local crisis team the number should be available online or via your local hospital switchboard.

Do you have any support services in place at the moment?

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