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Anxiety caused by Childrens illness

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Butterflies27 Sun 16-Oct-16 22:19:55

I am really struggling and would really appreciate your thoughts...

In Jan 2015 my very much wanted dd developed a cough, after being fobbed off by the Drs twice that this was viral and 15 nights of no sleep due to coughing my daughter then 1years was put on a nebuliser and antibiotics with a chest infection. The nurse didn't send her to hospital as was worried she might catch something else being there. 2 weeks later the same thing happened more antibiotics and steroids.

From March till Sept my daughter would catch a cold and with in 3 days would turn to a chest infection. Each time my gp surgery would say viral or asthma. Each time we went to out of hours when she got worse they said chest infection.

My daughter was tried on all asthma meds as allergy induced asthma was suspected. We bought allergy hoover, bedding, air filters, purifiers, rehomed our dog. Anything to try to stop the cough.

In Sept we finally got referred to a respiratory consultant and by January we were told it was chronic persistent protracted bacterial bronchitis. All allergy test came back negative. Basically the infection has harboured in her lung and when she gets a virus it comes back as a chest infection. She will eventually grow out of it but not until her airways get bigger.

Sorry for the long post, your prob thinking why have you anxiety- you got your answer. In the time waiting to be referred I had to take my dd to the gps several times on my own knowing my dd was really poorly and being fobbed off continuously. Knowing she needed antibiotics and them not listening caused me to start having panic attacks at the thought of going as I knew I wouldn't be believed. Listening to her cough continuously for days sat up trying to sleep, exhausted. The look of fear in her eyes will never leave me.

My daughter is now 2years, 3 in March. She has been hospitalised twice this year due to breathing issues from this. We have a letter from our consultant to our gps to advise should we believe she needs medicine to give it, it's a specific medicine. You would think this would put my mind at ease if she gets ill, I can make it better.

In reality I'm a mess, worrying about her constantly. We have 2 older children 12 and 9 and we worry if they have a cold she will get it. We don't visit friends/family if they are unwell with a cold. My husband and I haven't had a night away from the kids in years, probably the night she was born. When we have planned to go out to a party she came down with a temp an hour before going was fine all day and needed to go by ambulance to hospital.

I just don't know how to cope with the anxiety of worrying about her getting ill or something happening all the time.

AnxiousCarer Mon 17-Oct-16 19:50:07


I don't have children yet, so can't completely relate, but my husband has a long term condition and I'm suffering a lot of anxiety about when his next crisis will be. My GP has put me on an antidepressant but I'm not feeling any benefit yet. I'm also seeing a councellor but only had 2 sessions so not had much of a chance for that to help.

What I am finding very helpful is meditation, I'm using an app called headspace at the moment for this, I find when I do it in the morning my anxiety is much less during the day. I'm also doing regular exercise which I find helpful.

I think its so hard when the thing we are anxious about is realisticly likely to happen at some point, not really sure how to help as I'm struggling too!

2one2 Wed 19-Oct-16 00:43:29

I have the same problem as you. My DD has an autoimmune condition making her pick up everything going and I am scared of her leaving the house and shout at anyone who goes near her with a cough.

Like you I can't forget the panic in her eyes when she was really ill and in pain and the utter feeling of helplessness. Even though I know the drill and am so much more prepared now I feel traumatised by her previous illness to the point that I can't let it happen again.

So like you we live this sterilised life.

No solution but just to say, i understand.

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