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Silvercloud (or other 'prescribed' self-directed online programmes)

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AnxiousMunchkin Tue 11-Oct-16 08:06:44

I have started using Silvercloud and was just wondering if anyone else is using one of these self-directed online CBT programmes prescribed as an alternative to face-to-face therapy.

I had to move house at short notice a few months ago. Before the move I had a great GP I was seeing every 4-6 weeks and I was going to CBT every other week, I had done an 8 session 'low intensity' course at the end of 2015 and then had a 5 month wait to start 'high intensity' which I had just started really. I had just started graded exposure and I was finding it pretty hard going, and with the house move and extra stress in my life I buckled somewhat and stopped going, went off meds and spiralled.

I have now seen my new GP who seems good, back on meds. New GP said I could re-self-refer to the IAPT in my new area or gave me info for Silvercloud. I was very hesitant and avoidant to revisit CBT as I felt I'd already learned quite a bit but didn't find it easy to put into practice plus I blamed CBT being too hard/challenging for my spiralling. So I just got back into meds first, but last week I was really, really struggling and felt I was on the edge of completely breaking down, so I had to do something, so I signed up to Silvercloud. I do feel much better now, I think just the act of doing something to help myself is a big factor in that.

There were 4 options - anxiety, depression, stress, I forget the other one. I chose anxiety, my issues are both anxiety and cycling moods, a lot of obsessive compulsive tendencies, possibly some type of bipolar, I have resisted secondary referral/too much diagnosis.

There is nothing new in it that I haven't read or learned before, but, working through the modules and using all the tracking/analysis tools has been helpful so far, writing reflective comments in the journal section has been good too. However, my supporter was supposed to log in and review my progress yesterday, and they haven't. I feel really let down. I had been expecting some feedback or message of support.

Anyway just wondering if anyone else is using or has experience of one of these prescribed online programmes and wanted to talk about it.

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