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So anxious right now, please help!

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AlwaysNeverOnTime Thu 01-Sep-16 16:53:39

Can't get a doctors appointment until Thursday next week but my anxiety is quite bad right now. I'm shaking a bit and feel quite panicked.

there's something I need to do (along the lines of Sorting out an error on a bill, but not that) and it's made me feel really bad. Can't stop thinking about it. I just need to calm down and get through the week.

pinkdonkey Thu 01-Sep-16 21:44:17

Sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Have you tried meditation or mindfulness? Something to focus your mind away from the issue that is making you feel anxious.

ProfessorPreciseaBug Fri 02-Sep-16 06:34:24

Can I suggest you write down a description of what it is you need to do and tye background to it..

The simple act of writing often helps clarify your mind..

AlwaysNeverOnTime Sun 04-Sep-16 07:56:26

I have tried meditation but I can never seem to push it out of my mind and it makes it worse in a way. I think I must be doing it wrong.

I will try writing it down. Thank you for the suggestions I appreciate the replies.

Im feeling quite bad again today. A friend hadn't replied to my message which set it off I think

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