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Anti depressants whilst pregnant

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BlueRivers Mon 06-Jun-16 15:24:51

I have suffered with depression on and off for a fair few years, and was taking fluoxetine before I fell pregnant (currently 27 weeks)

I stopped taking them with my doctor's agreement, who was very non commital as to whether they were safe for me to continue. I mentioned to my consultant that I want to go back on them immediately after the birth, and she said I could go back on to them now if I wanted, and she referred me on to a mental health midwife. I am yet to see this midwife as I couldn't make the date they gave me.

I am thinking of returning to my GP but I really don't know if taking prozac in pregnancy is safe? Obviously my consultant said it was an option but she didn't go into any detail, and I have read about the baby developing a dependency to it?

Any thoughts/experienced would be hugely appreciated!

BlueRivers Mon 06-Jun-16 15:27:19

Just to add, I used to take citalopram which definitely had a positive effect to my mood, but I suffered excessive sweating with it which was horrible. I'm not sure if that anti depressant is considered 'safer' during pregnancy?

usernoidea Mon 06-Jun-16 16:06:31

Hi. I'm 27 weeks and take venlafaxine. There was nothing that I could find in any research to provide me with any evidence that it would ha my baby and so along with my Drs support we decided I should just stay on it as the benefits far outweigh the risks for me.. Xx.

Tans1987 Mon 06-Jun-16 16:48:56

I was taking Citalapram when I fell pregnant and continued to take it for the first 8 weeks as they said I couldn't just stop. I took nothing for 12 weeks and my anxiety and panic attacks started to get out of control. I tried for 4 weeks to do it alone but it was affecting my life. I spoke to my GP and midwife and they said sertraline is supposed to be the anti depressant with the least risks out of them all and they prescribed me that. I was very scared to take it at first but my midwife said nothing is risk free but she has a lot of patients on it and the constant anxiousness isn't good for the baby either. I've been taking it two weeks and I am
25 weeks now xxx

BlueRivers Mon 06-Jun-16 19:16:00

Thanks, I have read so many different things I haven't known what to think!
I tried sertraline a few years ago and I don't think it worked very well for me, but I can't remember the reasons which isn't very helpful! I have been coping (just) but I am struggling really. I would go back on them tomorrow but I have read about babies struggling to settle for the first few days due to anti depressants being in their systems?! I have read this on a few forums. My GP was practically useless to be honest

usernoidea Mon 06-Jun-16 19:23:57

I believe that they may have some symptoms but these can be treated and has only been found in a tiny percentage of babies X
I think it's really important to do what's best for you at the moment X

Tans1987 Mon 06-Jun-16 19:52:51

My favourite was citalapram but it's not as favourable as sertraline and Prozac when pregnant. I agree you have to do what's right for you. I was having exactly the same dilemma as your having right now a few weeks ago But the midwife kind of put it to me like this... If someone had a heart condition (hopefully no one does) they would still have to take medication. Unfortunately anxiety/depression is an illness and the medication is to help that. Xxx

Sucksfake1 Tue 07-Jun-16 18:23:16

When I fell pregnant I was changed from duloxetine and trazadone to quite a low dose of amitriptaline.

According to the mental health doc it's classed as the safest. I misscarried but have stayed on the meds incase we try again.

Britnyspears Tue 07-Jun-16 20:30:11

I saw the mental health perinatal team and they said sertraline was the safest. They also said it takes 2 weeks to kick in so if u wanted something to start at birth to start taking it at week 38 for example.

starry0ne Tue 07-Jun-16 20:48:35

I saw perinatal psychiatrist when I was pregnant.. I was advised to stay on Anti D's as risk taking them more than not was greater. I was told slight increase in miscarraige .The Anti D I was on was swapped as it was a new one and no research in pregnancy. I cant remember what I was on as DS is 9 now..

Tans1987 Wed 08-Jun-16 08:49:14

I have been taking sertraline for two weeks now and have already started to notice some differences even my family have said they have noticed a change in me. Hopefully it means I can enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. My midwife has said if I'm feeling good then the baby does too. Hope this helps smilexx

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