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What is wrong with me

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slgsue1979 Sat 30-Apr-16 12:38:07

I don't even know where to start or how to say this. I think I started feeling rubbish in about July maybe August. Things at work were going bad and I was feeling down or agitated all the time. Crying over stupid things and causing unnecessary arguments with hubby. I decided to change my job and do something different as that would stop it all. Oh god how wrong was I?
This was 5 months ago and just recently can feel these emotions getting worse. My relationships at home are suffering badly and it's my fault. I am just on edge and agitated all the time so no one can say anything to me without me snapping. I don't mean to it just comes out and then escalates.
Changing jobs wasn't the answer I haven't settled in to the new role and am looking for something else maybe part time for now. But the thought of going into work after a few days off is on my mind constantly my hands are clamy, my chest gets tight, I have cried, I can't sleep properly through worrying about it and really want to throw up. Money is a major worry at the minute and that's keeping me up all night too. I feel like I am sinking and can't catch my breath what do I do? Tried telling my hubby that I feel like I am drowning but he doesn't get it.
Please can someone help I can't go on like this I don't know which way to turn and my chest is even getting tight writing this. 😓

pippistrelle Sat 30-Apr-16 15:23:28

Have you seen your GP at all, sigsue? If not, then that is absolutely what I think you should do. Even if you already have seen him/her, then you back. If it would help you get over how you're feeling, then print out your post if you can, and take it along to the appointment with you. You've tried changing one of the external factors that was causing you anxiety (your job) but as that hasn't helped, then it sounds like you need to try to enlist some external support.

slgsue1979 Sat 30-Apr-16 21:52:42

Thank you for your reply. I have really gotten myself into a state today so much so my OH thinks I was having a panic attack and is insisting I see my GP on Tuesday and has told me he is calling my job to tell them I am sick tomorrow as he is worried about me. Now I am panicking and getting worked up about that though I know he is right.
I will take a copy of my post with me as I can see me clamming up and not being totally honest it takes me ages just to find the words to say how I am feeling. Scared at the moment I feel scared I just don't understand this at all :-(

pippistrelle Sat 30-Apr-16 22:24:13

I hope that you'll find even the act of seeing your GP a great relief, and that you're feeling better soon. Look after yourself.

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