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Med free for the first time for years. Nosedived so pissed off

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pnutter Fri 08-Apr-16 01:23:55

I have life long mh issues
Managed to get myself to a good ish place and had a grand total of 4 weeks med free and feeling normal ish!
Now I feel anxious , ill, low , bad nightmares, can't deal with people at all
Why can't I just have a life like everyone else . I have meds but I really wanted to stay off them for a while.

NanaNina Fri 08-Apr-16 14:16:36

Can I just say "everyone else" doesn't have a life free from MH but I know it feels like that when you're in the shit. Thing is there are thousands of us struggling with MH issues. Sounds like you need to go back on the meds - it's no good feeling so crap if they can make life more bearable.

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