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Slight panic attracks when out

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SerBronn Thu 24-Mar-16 14:26:30

This might end up a bit long but basically I was with DSs dad for 2 years. He was emotionally and financially abusive and a handful of times he the abuse was physical.
When DS was 3 months old I left the home and moved back in with my family.
I took DS to his flat for a visit and he got drunk and became really aggressive. Called me all sorts of names and threw a car seat across the room when I was a few inches from putting DS in it. He snatched 3 month old DS from me and locked us in his flat. The police weren't involved as my dad was waiting outside and came to the rescue.
We haven't seen him since, it's been over 2 years now. Since then every time I'm out and I seem someone who looks vaguely similar to him (similar hair/ a beard/ same style of clothing) I panic, I feel like I can't breathe and I need to get away from them as fast as possible even though I know it isn't him. I feel like this stranger is going to start acting like my ex and try and take DS from me, which I know is irrational and rediculous.
I'm not really sure what to do now. I feel like I don't want to bother a doctor with this, I feel like they'll just think I'm being over dramatic when the abuse was so minor in comparisment to others and it was never reported.
I don't know, I suppose I'm just looking for some advice?

scarletinsel Mon 04-Apr-16 07:37:38

That doesn't sound minor to me, it sounds terrifying. No wonder you are shaken up by it. Maybe you have a touch of Post Traumatic Stress? I don't think a GP would think you are over-reacting, however you might be able to self refer for a course of counselling. See if your area has an Improving Access To Psychological Therapies Service. These usually mean you can get treatment without going to the GP and the problem does not have to be severe to get a service. Also, please always report any abuse to the police, no matter how small it seems because you may need it for evidence in the future to prove it happened. The police will not mind at all and will probably be supportive. Good luck.

SerBronn Mon 04-Apr-16 10:01:35

Thank you.
I have to take DS to the doctor this afternoon so I will mention it to him then.
I really regret not reporting it now, at the time i just wanted to get out of there and the police wasn't on my mind at all.

scarletinsel Fri 08-Apr-16 12:16:27

It just occurred to me you might find the Women's Aid website helpful as it has lots of stuff about surviving domestic abuse. I also like the stuff on the Hidden Hurt website about Mister Wrong.

SerBronn Fri 08-Apr-16 12:42:41

Thank you, I will take a look at that smile
I didn't manage to talk to the doctor, he was trying to hurry us out but will try to make an appointment next week.

Soapmaker34 Fri 08-Apr-16 14:37:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SerBronn Fri 08-Apr-16 15:21:49

Thank you, I think that counselling could be really useful smile

It's so irrational because I know I'm safe, I just don't feel it. DSs dad moved 150 miles away about 2 years ago!

SerBronn Fri 08-Apr-16 15:22:14

I also can't figure out why this is all only starting nowconfused

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