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Feeling so low

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LJAM1 Sun 28-Feb-16 16:21:31

Most of the time it's fine, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Then days like today happen and I just can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. Working FT in stressful job as main breadwinner with 2 school aged kids. DS1 is not well - viral thing probably but this is the latest in what seems like constant sickness in the house. DH is permanently unhappy - feels frustrated with his lot in life. I just feel like I work so hard, then spend weekends taking care of kids, meals, homework, clothes washing etc... Gets to Sunday night and I'm counting down the hours until I can go to sleep. Then it all starts again. Not helped by lack of sleep - I sleep badly when kids are ill checking on them and worrying about them. Can't seem to enjoy anything. Feel so tired, resentful and isolated. Feel terrible saying this as I love my kids beyond words but sometimes I wish I wasn't a mum. Feel trapped and on edge all the time, literally buried with responsibilities. No family nearby, no time to see old friends and no motivation to make new ones. Anyone else felt like this? How did you get beyond it?

NanaNina Sun 28-Feb-16 18:01:56

I'm not sure if this is a mental health issue or a relationship issue. To be honest you don't sound like you are clinically depressed but just very stressed. Why is DH permanently unhappy and frustrated with his lot in life. Doesn't sound like the load is shared and that's unfair.

LJAM1 Sun 28-Feb-16 18:44:20

DH would say load is shared, he does the best he can. I honestly think we're sick of the sight of each other. He's frustrated at work, thinks they don't value him and that he works v hard for little money. My job is different but he thinks mine is better so he's a bit resentful of that. He's from a different country originally, has lived here for 15 yrs and is desperate to get "home" but we can't go unless he gets a job and he doesn't seem all that motivated to look for work there. He does love the kids, watches them play football at weekends and does bath time. he says he does more than any other bloke he knows.

alwaysalaughtobehad Sun 28-Feb-16 20:51:59

It sounds familiar I hope things pick up for you. You must be exhausted.

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