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Losing the will...

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lisa2104 Fri 18-Dec-15 15:46:34

Hi I have posted on here before about someone at work that just seems to hate me and puts down everything I do. I suffer with anxiety but it's been at bay for a while. However I'm scared its returning. This woman is best friends with everyone in my part of the office but hates me. I'm sure they've arranged a night out and left me out as things slip out and they go quiet as soon as I'm near. A couple of them bitch about my work, making comments about laziness etc and generally making me feel bad. Some have said this woman speaks out of order to me but now seem to be isolating me and siding with her. Yesterday I lost the plot and snapped at my boss and had to apologise. I don't know what to do. I think I have to leave but I'll struggle with getting another job but if I stay it's going to send me mad I'm sure. I have an almost 3 year old and want to enjoy Xmas without this hanging over me.

ProfessorPreciseaBug Sat 19-Dec-15 08:42:22

Go to the personal department and ask to see the staff handbook...
Look up the section on bullying.

The managent should have a proceedure to deal with workplace bullies..

lisa2104 Sat 19-Dec-15 09:10:08

Thanks Professor. My problem with that is HR are Bessie mates with her. I once confided in the only person in HR and I think she must've told her because it got worse after that. I could speak to the big boss but they would probably all be horrible to me for snitching.

feathers Sun 03-Jan-16 19:14:45

This happened to me b4 I had kids. I went to HR, only for them to tell my supervisor who was the problem. My problem was that none of my friends or family believed me, so had no support! I'm afraid I ended up going on sick leave and thankfully got a job whilst on sick leave.
Why will you struggle to find a new job?
Maybe have a word with the big boss, but ask to just speak about it and say you don't want boss to talk to anyone about it? 6 months after I left my job, they hired a new HR manager who then sacked my supervisor for bullying!

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