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talk to me about postnatal anxiety...

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24hourM0MMY Thu 03-Dec-15 21:42:54

...what were your days like? Your emotions? Did you seek help and if so, what treatments were successful for you?

I really, really want to enjoy this time with dc2, only 3 weeks old, but I can't seem to get over this constant feeling if dread. I have an appointment with mental health team tomorrow and I'm anxious about that too.

Dc1 was a horrible time for me, postnatal depression, meds That made me feel worse, terrible time for my partner as well and although this time its not as bad, it's still obviously that all is not right. I know there's no easy or instant fix but I'm really hoping to hear some happy wnding stories sad

captaincloud Fri 04-Dec-15 10:42:56

Hello smile my dd is 5 months now and things are improving. At 3 weeks, my DH was still on paternity leave so I was managing with his help but when he went back to work it was really bad. The feeling of dread and panic is the worst. I'm still 'managing' it rather than it being gone, but I'm doing a lot better than I was.

I had mental health assessment and had no idea what to say but they were great and got it all out of me. I was referred to a mindfulness course which is helping (I'd always been a doubter about it being that good but it is!) and also to the charity Homestart by my health visitor (you can also self refer, just google them) and I have a lovely lady who comes round once a week and helps me with getting out the house/driving/paperwork etc - all the things that trigger my anxiety. She's lovely smile

Talking about it helps and makes me feel less lonely with it, Mumsnet is good for that!

I try and remind myself that my situation isn't actually worse because I feel worse, it's often lack of sleep that makes things seem worse and I will feel better soon. And often I do, so a lot of the time it's just a case of waiting it out, doing some yoga breathing, and distracting yourself by staring at the baby!

Good luck and hope your assessment goes ok today x

24hourM0MMY Mon 07-Dec-15 18:31:23

Hi, thanks for your reply! My appointment was interesting. I was told through initial assessment that I've probably had anxiety issues mist if my life but its exasperated by the stress of a new baby and everything that comes with it. I've been referred for a psych consult. Not sure how I feel about that but there is an slight feeling if relief. Maybe this will get fixed once and for all.

I get really upset when I think about how not but a few weeks agp I couldn't wait to meet my daughter nd 'do it right' this time, when what gas actually happened is the same thing as with my first child...I'm wishing away her early life.

I will literally do anything to stop feeling like this. Anything.

Arcadia Mon 07-Dec-15 20:49:34

I was exactly the same with DD and I only have one so you were very brave doing it again! She is six now but I still remember that crippling anxiety. It did ease over time and I started to enjoy life more again. Sorry don't know what to say but to remind you it does get better and lots of people don't enjoy the newborn phase anyway so try to just get through it x

moopymoodle Mon 07-Dec-15 21:48:46

I think for me postnatal anxiety was anxiety feelings that overwhelmed me. Also fearing I was a bad mother, the classic intrusive thoughts of harm and fear I didn't love my child. Oh and feeling low due to all that.

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