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Esa and schizoid Pd

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jigster01 Tue 10-Nov-15 21:31:37

Hello ..I hope someone has advice for me and hope it's Ok to ask this question
Just received esa 50 to fill out for my son in his 20's
My son has been to see psychiatrist and they feel he has schizoid /schizotypal pd and autistic traits ..It has taken many years to get this far as he did not want me to contact any dr's. He hardly said 2 words in the dr's and it was me doing all the talking .
My son has never worked and never claimed any benefits and we support him fully and wholly in every aspect of his life .He does not go out at all except to walk the puppy we bought him to encourage him out.He has not washed his hair or shaved his beard in years .When I said we need to get him help as he will end up homeless when we are not here ,he said "yes I probably will " heartbreaking...
So really what I want to know ...will maximus accept me talking for my son ( he absolutely does not want to be there! ) and me explaining his difficulties? We will both be at the assessment. His mental health has affected (?) his judgement and he does not care about anything and says he does not need money.
He needs to go in support group as he will not go to any work related interviews if asked.He is hugely anxious meeting people -though that rarely happens as he does not go out !
Thanks in advance.

NanaNina Tue 10-Nov-15 22:49:30

Sorry I'm a bit confused - who is maximus? You are both going to the assessment so that's good. The GP and psychiatrist should write to the DWP confirming your son's diagnosis and he really does need to be on the ESA support group. It's so awful that people who are mentally ill have to jump through these hoops.

jigster01 Wed 11-Nov-15 05:17:57

Thanks for replying ...maximus is the name of the company that holds the assessments ...use to be Atos..
Yes we have a couple of reports from psychiatrists but it is me doing the talking that I'm concerned about and they may think I'm putting words in his mouth .His reports do say he hardly said a word and mum was doing the talking
Anyone else got any advice or thoughts ?

ottothedog Wed 11-Nov-15 06:30:53

Yes its fine. Give him the chance to talk first then develop his idea eg "do you go out to the shops mr jigster" "yes i do all the shopping" then you " actually . . ."

Btw has he had an autism assessment yet? I seem to recall it can be misdiagnosed as psychosis beforehand

jigster01 Wed 11-Nov-15 06:58:28

He was offered all the help available - he has been under Gosh since a baby regarding another illness - and it was during this specialist appt I blurted out all my worries . He has refused everything he does not want to do anything about it and said this is how my brain works.
I guessed he may have autism but schizoid was a shock though I had looked at all the other PD descriptions,I had never heard of schizoid .He ticks every single box for schizoid. .heartbreaking sad

ottothedog Wed 11-Nov-15 13:59:54

This is not an area i can confidently talk about but both my siblings have autism so i am basing it just on that. There are a lot of people on here who know more - i would recommend asking about schizoid vs autism symptoms. I am just a bit confused about the two possible diagnoses they are mentioning. If there is a possibility of autism, it could explain many of the behaviours that are attributed to the schizoid pd. I suppose it is possible to have both but i know both my siblings were viewed as having pd before it was realised it was manifestations of autism

Different to your question, i know!

We got esa for a very similar matter, also pip. Have you applied to be the appointee? This is hugely helpful as you can then go to the appeals (we had to appeal, its more or less a standard part of the process)without him, plus be more open on the forms.

jigster01 Wed 11-Nov-15 14:37:58

Thank you ...yes a couple of people have now mentioned that I should request appointee. .I am for my younger ds ,but that was straight forward as he is in resi special school.
On reading about schizoid it all makes sense to how he behaves etc ..very bland expressions rarely smiles ,no closeness, no friends prefers isolation,very solitary etc etc ...but then the autism comes in ..though mild i think ...with the same clothes, has to be same cutlery,bowl etc or he won't eat and will wait for dishwasher! does not return cuddles -that's hard cause I am a cuddler ! -
I have read that they are very closely linked and many do have both.
It's a very lonely existence ,he certainly is not living a life .We so worry about the future and how he will survive and that is why we are trying to get him in the system now ,though he really couldn't care less sad

ottothedog Wed 11-Nov-15 15:27:45

sad yes i know sad but you are doing the best you can for him and thank goodness he is letting you. The appointee thing was much easier than i thought it would be, v sympathetic social worker came round and all v straightforward. We had to appeal both esa and pip but it is an easy enough process so long as you are expecting to have to do it.
Sorry to keep going on about the autism thing but there are a few autism support groups that can help with form filling etc and quite a lot of resources. Even if you dont get that diagnosis, the resources might be useful and it is probably a better funded area (altho my understanding was that if both are present/possible then asd takes 'preference' and needs to be ruled out but like i said its not something i am that well read in)

ottothedog Wed 11-Nov-15 15:41:07

For pip, and i think esa, the diagnosis doesnt matter, its all about the symptoms.

jigster01 Wed 11-Nov-15 21:52:15

Have phoned up and requested to be an appointee ...Dwp will send a form out in the next couple of days.Also emailed his specialist that he has seen for the last few years to see if she will add a supportive letter confirming his physical and mental decline over the years and his lack of communication at every appt .

ottothedog Thu 12-Nov-15 19:24:31

Great smile
Did you apply for pip as well yet? It took a year for ours from first applying to final appeal hearing!!! But worth doing.

jigster01 Thu 12-Nov-15 20:45:52

Hi not thing at a time ... but emailed ds specialist and she has written a supportive letter straight away and sent it first class,should get it Saturday morning quite emotional at that ..sometimes you wonder if things are that bad as one is cocooned in your warm safe home and then you read all your reports and look at your sonsad
I was reading his psychological reports last night and the words "high risk " "vulnerable " are quite clear ..I just hope he gets put in support group as he will not go to job centre...
I not long ago filled out DLA for my other ds and that was quite easy actually especially after I had read how daunting that can be ,but he has bundles of reports etc etc so lots of evidence. .mental health I think is a different kettle of fish

ottothedog Thu 12-Nov-15 21:54:11

We had hardly anything as he wont even see the gp, but we got there in the end (took 10 years to get as far as making the claim mind you!!!)
Well done. Keep going. One step then the next

jigster01 Sun 17-Jan-16 12:26:29

Just an update which may help others ds got put straight into support group for esa without an assessment ..we had a lot of supporting evidence...particularly a letter from his specialist ...I will now apply for pip for him (I am his appointee )

dontrunwithscissors Sun 17-Jan-16 14:01:38

Once you apply for PIP--mad hopefully get it--that opens the door for you too apply for care's allowance.

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