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Seasonal Affective Disorder

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FallenAngel22 Mon 22-Dec-14 11:54:34

Does anyone suffer from this? I am really suffering at the moment and considering getting a sad lamp but they re so expensive. I can get up ok in the morning it's just the feelings of doom and gloom and hating everything that is getting me down. Can anyone recommend a good, cheapish lamp?


FallenAngel22 Tue 23-Dec-14 11:07:01


sweetteamum Tue 23-Dec-14 19:47:14

Hi Fallen, I also am affected by SAD. This year is worse as I lost my dad, so have been depressed for months.

I've never thought of trying the lamp but tbh I think anything is worth a try.

I completely understand what you mean. For me there's no joy in this time of year. It's filled with dread, sadness and General negative feelings. Of course, I try to not let my children see but it's so difficult.

orangeflutie Wed 24-Dec-14 11:14:08

Hi Fallen I get SAD too. The last couple of years I've been able to manage without ADs but this year I've had dreadful anxiety and early morning waking so have had to start taking them. This time of the year from October through to January is always hard as my baby boy was born in October 16 years ago and died in January. I think I've always had SAD but didn't really know it before though.

I've not got a lamp but try to make myself get out of the house and find running helps a lot. I try and mentally tick the days off in my head. We've had the shortest day now and so on ..
I feel for you as I totally get the feelings of dread.

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