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Paranoid schizophrenia - where to get help from?

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Enigmule Sun 21-Dec-14 15:39:42

My brother has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia for over 5 years. He is 28 years and lives with mum, who is looking after him. Last months been a real hell to the whole family as he has been very unwell. Mum is exhausted, cause when he is unwell, he is constantly freightening to kill her, been very violent to her in the past, so she is really scared. He is basically exploiding with anger, doesnt barely eats, as the food mum cooks, he thinks she is poisoning him. I've been calling his care co-ordinator, so they sent mental assesment team, but they do not take him to hospital, just arranged home treatment team to come to give his medications. But they really dont care, as they give the pill and he leaves to his room within seconds. We strongly suspect that he spits it out, as all years in the past, as soon as he takes medicine, he would go to bed as it affects him in this way. But these days he would not go to bed, just would go to shop, buys loads of red bull and keeps drinking it, which makes him even more aggressive sad( Home treatment team seems doesnt wanna listen to us. Called ambulance one evening, so after waiting in the street for 5 hours (mum is scared so he would not attack her again), they only droped him to the local hospital and left at the reception, so obviously he did not wait to be seen and he just left home. We are really desperate and dont know where else to look for help. Anyone been in similar situation? Where else we can seek help? It seems that no one wants to help untill something bad happenssad

Pluginbaby2 Sun 21-Dec-14 21:01:40

Could you ask his mental health team to give your brother his anti-psychotic medication by injection (depot). He can spit out or refuse to take tablets. Without his medication he will become unstable. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs or Redbull will make his medication less effective and he may become unstable and very unwell.
If your brother becomes so unwell he is threatening to kill your mother could you call the police and have him taken to a local psychiatric hospital. In that way the hospital will look closely at his medication and it may well be that injection is considered whilst he is an inpatient. The medication may make your brother feel unwell but without it he will be a danger to the family and more likely to himself.
Is he being visited by the Assertive Outreach Team? Could his GP arrange this? Sounds like he needs more support than he is getting to ensure he takes his medication regularly.

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