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Please can I talk about anxiety?

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manchestermummy Thu 27-Nov-14 18:44:19

Because my dh is sick of it and I don't want to burden anyone in rl.

I have had problems with anxiety and depression for the past five years and took citalopram until about six months ago. I really felt I was able to come off them and I did: my mood is relatively stable atm.

But anxiety. I am having a horrible time at work (seriously overworked - not just due to my time management - and I am being bullied). My manager knows all of this and is very supportive but I am so fretful of my situation it is making me ill.

Yesterday I spent my day off on the verge of a panic attack because of the thought of a meeting that included the person who is making my work life miserable.

I am constantly nervy and on edge and have started to feel physically sick at the thought of work.

Thank you for listening.

hissingcat Fri 28-Nov-14 20:10:44

It sounds as if the root of your current anxiety is the bullying at work.
You said your manager is aware of the bullying, is anything being done to deal with it by your manager?

CarryOn90 Fri 28-Nov-14 22:58:32

Sorry OP no advice but know how you feel thanks

mypip Thu 04-Dec-14 17:52:14

can your manager help you avoid seeing this person in your working week. sorry I may sound silly. genuinely sorry you are suffering so. hope it gets better. pip

Bakeoffcakes Thu 04-Dec-14 18:01:48

What is your manager doing about the bullying?

Catmint Thu 04-Dec-14 18:22:05

Can you access any talking therapy? I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and have found EMDR very helpful.

But I am still fearful about becoming anxious! You're not alone. X

TheRainInTheWoods Fri 05-Dec-14 14:00:21

No advice here but I wanted to post to say I know how you feel. My DH is endlessly supportive but I hate sharing how I feel with him and seeing even just a flicker of impatience.


JaneAHersey Sat 06-Dec-14 11:21:30

Zero hour contracts, minimum wage, unreasonable work loads, bullying bosses, limited work rights and even sexual harassment in the workplace that cannot be brought to justice because of legal aid cuts are all things that working people currently have to face.

I am retired and I really don't know how people manage these horrendous situations and obviously for many the result is anxiety/panic attacks. All I can say is to ignore the bullying (if possible) bullies rely on an expected reaction, that is where they get their pleasure. Good luck.

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