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just found out I am pregnant! Please tell me your tips for successfully coming off citalopram??

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BotBotticelli Sun 16-Nov-14 21:01:31

Am currently on 10mg citalopram. Was on 20 but reduced it down to 10 cos I was TTC and wanted to make it easier to come off if I fell pregnant.

Anyway I POAS today and got a BFP! So I would like to come off citalopram ASAP but want to do it slowly and sensibly to avoid withdrawal symptoms and/or a return of my anxiety and depression.

Please tell me how you reduced your citalopram dose? I am making a GP appointment tomorrow to discuss with her but would really appreciate any stories of how you reduced your dose if it worked?

MouseandChops1 Mon 17-Nov-14 12:48:48

Firstly, huge congratulations. Very exciting times ahead. Hope the gp today was helpful with advice to reduce down successfully. Are you ready to come off them or are you afraid of harmful effects on baby?
If so, I've had a friend on sertraline whilst pregnant as this was advised as the safer SSRI during pregnancy. I was also on sertraline post baby while breast feeding for the same reasons.

If not it's probably wise to cut down from 10mg to 5mg for a week to minimise side effects. Then 5mg every other day for a week, then stop. This was what I did and it worked for me. Hope that helps

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