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Living with someone with anxiety and ocd, led me to feel so confused now

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UnsureMumma Sun 23-Mar-14 11:39:17

Hi guys,

I just want to get this off my chest as recent events has triggered me thinking about it and wonder how to deal with it.
My partner has suffered with anxiety and ocd all his life but only realised this about 6 or 7 years ago ( we are now in our early 30's). We been together for 10 years and I always thought he acted jealous and possessive and over reacted but I was so in love that I always forgot about it the next day after a row or something. Never ever violent by the way. Anyway he sort of had a breakdown in 2008 when he realised what was wrong and for a few years his ocd was bad, some of this time we then started living together. It was extremely hard for me to deal with it but I never bothered about me as I was always worried for him. He had all different types of ocd so there was always something new we had to discuss etc. He eventually learnt to deal with it better but always has and will be slightly anxious person I guess. When I was pregnant last year he worried over everything, what I ate, how I moved about, ie bending over etc. And now we have young baby he worries for her but this is where I now struggle as I'm unsure if his concerns are legit and I should not worry or if I'm bad mum who ignores stuff.
Also, I feel that living with him so long and with his condition, I can't help but feel like everything is gonna be anxiety related, I now feel anxious about him being anxious iyswim. It's hard to explain but I get major stressed and snap at him when he has concerns, I feel he raises his voice to like an anxiousness level which he says he doesn't and then I'm confused!
Really apologise for length of this post, does anyone understand?

JeanSeberg Sun 23-Mar-14 12:50:18

What help has sought for his issues?

UnsureMumma Sun 23-Mar-14 13:11:46

He had therapy with counsellors and all sorts, cbt and group therapies, his ocd is much better than a few years back

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