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Having a wobble

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cupcakemumma Sat 01-Mar-14 01:02:56

I suffer from general and health anxiety, which thankfully following years of counselling, has been at a minimal and cope able level since the arrival of my daughter, who is now 2. Mainly I think as I don't have time to sit around thinking of worries as much anymore as so busy being a Mum now. But the moment she becomes poorly it is a trigger and I feel I just slip back into terrible old ways and turn into a panicky mess. I feel so conscious that I don't want her to pick up on it as she is completely my priority and never, ever want to let her down.

Basically DD has been poorly with a fever since late pm, has been given Calpol and Ibuprofen at recommended intervals and temp is now thankfully back to normal presently. I just feel a bundle of nerves over it all and really churned up I case the fever comes back up, if it's some kind of infection or she gets seriously ill. I'm recognising the horrible catastrophising feeling I used to get and don't feel like I can sleep a wink for worrying about her. I just hate this sicky panicky feeling

Just wondering how any of you with anxiety cope when your children are poorly please? My husband is the calmest person in the world and he thinks she's fine, but I feel like I am in hyperdrive worry land :-( x

monikar Sat 01-Mar-14 15:34:26

Hello there, you have my sympathy, as I suffer with general anxiety and have also suffered from health anxiety in the past. I was exactly the same as you when my DD was small and used to get into an awful panic when she was ill, especially with fevers.

The only reassurance I can offer is that it does become a little easier as they get older. They can tell you what is wrong, and from experience you will have had by then, you will know that you have handled their illnesses in the past, and so you will again.

I do think though, that if you are naturally anxious by nature, then it never really goes - my DD is nearly 18 and I still worry when she is ill, but I have to say I have it under better control than I did when she was tiny, but it is still there.

Hope your DD is better soon.

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