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Do I need a Friend, a Doctor, or just a kick up the Bum!!

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Tiggs2 Thu 22-Aug-13 12:44:50

I have felt so tired over the last 2 months, no energy and no motivation to shift myself. I should be feeling quite good really as i've managed to shift some weight, but I only have to look at the dust or some cleaning up etc, and I feel like a heavy weight comes down on me. I always get up around 8am as I don't like lounging in bed, then my day follows the same old routine, finishing with my DH flicking through TV channels
trying to find something to watch. We usually end up going to bed around 10.30-11pm.
I do work two days a week, which is also quite mundane but I at least get to see other walls apart from the ones in this house.
I went outside and cleaned up the back garden the other night, I didn't do much really but when I came in after 40 mins or so I felt like I had run around the block for half hour, so tired and achy! Its not a good feeling, knowing that I shouldn't really be feeling this way.
Sometimes I get these great idea's in my head, and think yes I will empty out that wardrobe today, take photos and put all my unused stuff on auction sites but once the actual time comes to begin, I really don't want to bother. Would rather just chuck it all back in there and close the wardrobe door, so I don't have to look or deal with it.

I find myself worrying about my DH, who is not very well at the mo, and I actually make myself scared as I have feelings of been left alone, and as he is my best friend I honestly don't know what I would do. I know he needs to go back to see his Doctor and I have just made him another appointment, which is not going to please him when he gets home tonight and I tell him!

I have posted previously that I want to move from this house and I feel that I am stuck in a big hole, I don't really want to spend the rest of my life in this Town, its gone downhill over the last few years and i'm sick of even having to go shopping there.

We know a lot of people here, but don't feel any close ties to anyone, though my 21 year old DS has his friends. DS just uses this house as a "free" place to live, and comes and goes as a free agent, he does go to uni though and works a couple of hours a week. His room is a constant tip, and he drops rubbish wherever, including in our front garden or just in front of our house! I feel ashamed sometimes as to what the neighbours must think, but I do my best and try to keep the front tidy, its caused many rows which see a change in DS attitude but only for a short time.

Please offer your advice! Has anyone else ever felt like this, as I am starting to feel so alone and so so tired.

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