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OCD nightmare

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highgirl Sun 19-May-13 19:52:56

OCD has taken over again about 2 weeks ago I did some laundry that was only rinsed and not properly washed. In the machine were some knickers that I wore in bed after sex. Ever since I have been worried that there has been semen/germs transferred to things I touched and that the washing wasn't clean. I did re wash everything, but in between I had taken it out and put it out to dry touching it and touching everything else. It's been driving me insane should I worry?

greeneyed Wed 29-May-13 06:33:49

Fluoxetine and CBT have quashed my OCD for good. You can and will get better but keep on at the docs! There are some self help books based on CBT you can buy in the meantime while you wait for your course. Do some googling to see what's recommended. Also mindfulness and relaxation techniques may help to ground you for a little bit. Good luck OP

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